Project WE Member Spotlight

Project WE Members’ Spotlight: Sarah & Simone

In the first of the new Project WE Member Spotlight series, I spoke to Sarah Williamson in Surrey in the UK and Simone Bowles in Canberra in Australia about the exciting progress they’ve made since joining Project WE membership.

As Founding Members of the Project WE membership community, they’ve each experienced beautiful growth within the first few months of joining. They’ve also teamed up to create their own mini Power Posse – even though they live in completely different time zones. Their story is super inspirational!

Sarah shared her ‘Before & After’ Project Me Life Wheel® and why she prefers working on her Project Me as a part of the Project WE community.

Rather than continuing to ‘DIY it’ by reading the Project Me blog and book and attempting to stay consistent and self motivated, they both draw on the energy of the group and the ongoing guidance, support and inspiration.

Simone shares how Project WE has helped her to find her focus and pay far more attention to the small wins that bring her the most happiness and joy. She was initially wary of these types of online groups but quickly converted into an active member. She’s amazed at the speed at which she’s developing and creating positive changes within her life.

Simone and Sarah are also both Marie Forleo ‘B-Schoolers’ and we talk about how that experience has changed all of our lives.

Listen in on our conversation here:

Thank you Sarah and Simone for being so honest and open and stepping out of all comfort zones to share your stories. 

Follow Sarah & Simone here:

Sarah Williamson Facebook:   Insta: @liveandletlearn

Simone Bowles Insta: @irisandmatilda 

Find out how to become a member of Project WE here. (We’d love to meet you!) 

In the comments below, share your thoughts or experiences of working on your Project Me. Are you self-motivated to do your monthly check-in consistently, or do you prefer to have community and accountability?

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