Success Stories!

Is Project Me having a positive impact on your life in a big or small way? I love hearing your success stories. Maybe it’s an Action Sheet that’s helping you to get organised? Or a blog post that inspired you to try something new? Did you attend a Project Me workshop, retreat or do an online course that set you down a new path? Have you created a Power Posse with other women to work on your Project Me together? Click here to share your story!

Here are some of your Project Me Success Stories:

I'm excited to have both the hard copy of your book and the audible version! I use the tools on the Project Me website too and am working through the Master To-Do list video. Thank you Kelly. Your work has made such a positive, practical impact on my life in such a short time.

- Caroline

I was on maternity leave when I did the Life Wheel, and it helped me figure out my direction for my year off. I felt I'd lost part of my identity and this helped me shape the year I wanted to have.

- Joanne

I had been going through a very difficult time personally. After having my second child, I left work to stay at home with the children. Needless to say it wasn’t as I had expected: extremely exhausting, thankless and worst of all, unproductive. I couldn’t get anything done and after a year the frustration levels were mounting. Then I found Kelly and Project Me and signed up for the Life Wheel Tool. Seeing the low scoring aspects of my life in black-and-white was shocking and gave me a good kick up the pants. I signed up for her course as I could see the benefits. I decided Productivity was key and, after a major brain dump, I found several issues to work on, step-by-step with her great guidance. I began to make progress in several aspects including house decoration, diary management and food planning. That progress gave me back my confidence and knew I could achieve more things. Three years later and I haven’t looked back.

- Sam

I used your Life Wheel and saw that I needed to work on productivity the most. I set about making some changes. My productivity has gone from a two to a seven!! Health three to six. Personal growth four to seven. Family six to a nine! And all of that from only focusing on the area I KNEW needed most improvement. It's all connected. This has worked IMMENSELY! Thank you.

- Angee

After a Master Your To Do List session with you I’m so much more organised and love having a system I can trust. You were very encouraging, motivating and you made it fun. I've taken my head out of the sand now and have the confidence to take on other things. This is a definite life changer.

- Fiona

I was nervous that I’d be a techno-dimwit or wouldn’t be able to implement your strategies, but it was fun and easy! My to-do list is structured and organised in such a way that I’m confident that everything is captured in one place and that what I’m working on is what I need to be working on. I feel much more in control and less overwhelmed. I’ve also been able to see where I’m carrying tasks that should/could really be delegated. I’d recommend this to anyone who needs some motivation and direction with managing their to-do list and goals. I think most people would benefit from an hour of focused attention – and someone else’s input (ie yours!) - on their to-do list or whatever area of productivity they’re struggling with.

- Catherine

I look forward to my weekly Project Me newsletters. They force me to take a few minutes for me - and even if that is only a few minutes, it’s still so important! I love and appreciate the insight and thoughtfulness they add to my life!  

- Alexis

I follow so many life coaches, but none have done for me what your Life Wheel tool has done. I have so many things going on in my life and so many ideas that need action. Completing your Life Wheel Tool helped me to focus on what wasn't working in my life. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I control my life. Thank you so much.

- Cheyenne

I've been using the Design My Day sheets at work for the last week; they been fantastic! I've stopped writing my to do list in my diary and watching it get longer and longer. Now, I prioritise the tasks that are MIT, and generally manage to action at least 2 of the "after MITs". If anything else crops up that can wait til the next day, I add them to the notes section and re-prioritise the list again before I leave the office... Within a week, they have altered the way I work - and helped to curb my procrastination. Thank you!! :))

- Melissa

I love the Design Your Day sheets so much that I have shared them with my team. Now we are all using them daily, and enjoy talking about our MITs each morning. We have added a section to the Notes where we note down and share one new thing we learn each day. Thank you!

- Mel

Thank you so much for the workshop today! You are a fabulous leader, full of incredible ideas and resources, and a great role model.  You have certainly chosen the correct line of work!!!!! Thank you for all of your helpful tips. I’m  really looking forward to getting my organization on!  

- Jill

I just wanted to tell you how excited I am to have stumbled across Project Me. I am 26 and I have a 4 year old and a 9 month old. I am right in the middle of the sleep deprived, tantrum dealing, making snacks every 5 minutes, and constant dirty diaper days. I feel disconnected from my friends because they are all still single and living the young 20-something lifestyle. I have definitely lost my identity and I really had no clue how to find it. I figured I would wait until the kids were in school full time and then "figure it out". I have also struggled with depression on and off which only makes self-care that much harder.  I just filled out the Life Wheel Tool and I am staring at my misshapen blob. I started clicking through Project Me and printed out some action sheets and I already feel hopeful. The timing feels perfect for me. Thank you.

- Jessie

I do the Life Wheel regularly and encourage my girlfriends to do the same. A couple of years back when I saw that my Work area was very low (stay-at-home mom) I made the decision to get my Master’s in Education. I graduated in May and am now working with English Language learners. I am so very fulfilled helping and empowering my students.

- Lisa

The DMD (Design My Day) sheets are a real godsend! They help organise my thoughts for the day ahead, cutting through the clutter and brain fog! I always do one the night before as it suits my night owl tendencies – then hit the ground running the next day. My son calls them my ‘mummy planner’.

- Louise

I have recently been diagnosed as having depression and I have been quite hard on myself in regards to my productivity and organisational skills (or lack of!). My uni friend recommended your Magic Matrix action sheet when we were both struggling balancing family, work, uni and everything and I haven't looked back. Just wanted to say thank you for being a bit of a lifeline and helping me regain some sanity and control!

- Rebecca

Even though your course was all done over the internet, I felt very connected to the group. I loved the worksheets – habits, daily planning, weekly review, monthly review, setting goals and breaking them down, choosing which goals to focus on. Having all of this covered created an easy structure. It gave me the tools to find clarity amongst the chaos and I kept motivated to stay on top of it all.  

- Ursula (Who did my Back to School, Back to ME programme.)

Thanks to the Project Me Ibiza retreat, I felt so much lighter and calmer. The magic still hasn't worn off. The yoga was truly wonderful, the food was out of this world, the workshops were insightful and I loved the informal discussions. The new friendships I made and the bonding with the other ladies made it a truly special and magical experience  I also loved the spiritual side of the retreat. Thinking about it, this was probably my favourite part of the retreat, plus the feeling of 'inner peace' and calm it gave me. That was quite a profound feeling for me actually.

- Sophie

This book is the missing piece I have been looking for in the past 12 months.  It offers practical suggestions and strategies to improve all areas of your life but there is no pressure to follow any rules. It feels like having Kelly next to you as your life coach.  I have implemented some strategies from the book with positive results. I used to put so many things on hold, thinking that when my kids are older, I will take on this project, make this change happen. Kelly has armed me with confidence to take a leap of faith and turn my vision into reality. It is not about adding more to your to-do list, it is about doing the things that matter to your heart.  This book definitely has a permanent place on my nightstand. Many thanks.


I recently bought Kelly's video on productivity and I was so pleased about it! I am a very organised person and I never thought I would need any help. However I realised that especially at work I was holding a lot in my head and I was suffering from terrible headaches. The video helped as I learned to use Trello and break each task into small steps. I would highly recommend it.

- Paola

As a tired, busy mum with limited financial resources and energy levels, I am so glad I heard about the Project Me live event and was able to attend it. As well as learning lots of useful information from the various speakers, I was able to set some realistic and actionable goals to improve my health on the day which I am now putting into action just 48 hours later. I also loved being in a room full of other women who all have a growth mindset and a desire to change their lives for the better.

- Julinie