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Action Sheets

Project Me Action Sheets get you thinking and doing.

They’ll give you a fill-in-the-blank way to get it out of your head, onto paper and into your life. Take them as my free gift to you!

Get ready to feel organised, focused and on top of your busy life.

Design My Day

Much more than just a way to get organised, this will make your day go the way you want it to. Read about how to Design Your Day, then print off a stash of these. Soon you won’t want to start your day without one! Even if you already use a digital calendar for your appointments, this’ll help you get clear about what you want to take with you, your 3 most important ‘to-do’s’ and even has space to give gratitude and express how you want your day to feel(It’s not all about doing you know!) 

Design My Weekend

Weekends need to feel different to weekdays! Read about how to Design Your Weekend here.

Magic Matrix

Feeling overwhelmed? Is your To-Do list out of control? Don’t know where to begin? Here’s your magic wand to make it all better. Dump all of your tasks into the correct quadrant and deal first with your Urgent & Important stuff. Once you’ve got that box cleared, try not to let things fall in there by doing things that are Important but Not Urgent (yet). Read Taming Your To-Do List for great tips on how to use this Action Sheet. (It works for overwhelmed teenagers too! Get them to plot out their homework and projects so they know what to do first.)

Ideas Into Action

A true multi-purpose Action Sheet, this one helps you take goals or ideas and break them down into smaller, actionable steps. Schedule in a date to take each step – and before you know it, you’re there! Read Stop Being A Slave To Your To Do List or How Smart Mamas Get It Done for ideas on how to put this Action Sheet into immediate use.

Weekly Meal Planner

Boring as it is, meal planning really is the key to getting organised in the kitchen. You’ll spend less time food shopping, save money and stop pulling frozen pizzas out of the freezer. (Less often anyway.) Check out Meal Planning 101 for top tips on how to turn meal planning into a habit. 

21 Meal Ideas

Pick 21 simple to prepare dishes that your family enjoys. Plant them here for instant reference during your weekly meal plan. That’s three weeks worth of dinners at your fingertips! Plan your meals – then go off and do something you really want to be doing. Check out Meal Planning 101 for tips on how to use this action sheet.

Weekly Fitness Planner

There’s no better way to get into a great fitness habit than to schedule it in. Make a plan each week – and stick to it. There’s a space to write your fitness goals. Getting clear about why you want to feel fit is the key to actually doing it. Think of the end result! Hang it proudly, get some accountability and be sure to reward yourself for a job well done. Soon your new improved energy, health and body will be reward enough to keep going. Finding a workout that’s fun and fits in with family timetables can be a challenge. Here’s some inspiration to help you Find Your Fitness Mojo.

Fun Seeker

Want to inject more fun into your life? Use the Fun Seeker Action Sheet to explore what fun means to you. Some ideas can happen now; others may have to simmer gently on the back burner until you have more time, freedom or money. It’s fun in itself to get juiced up about future fun and begin any preliminary research or planning. You may draw a blank on some of the questions at first. Don’t judge yourself for this. Leave it for now and you may find that over the next few days and weeks more ideas will flow once you’ve opened up the channels. Check out How To Inject More Fun Into Your Life for more inspiration.

Mama Me Time

Mothers who make time for themselves are happier and more relaxed. And happier, more relaxed mothers = happier, more relaxed kids. If you’re ever feeling a bit guilty about doing something for yourself, remember that you’re doing it for your family too. Here's a special Action Sheet to help you brainstorm a few things that will nourish you and feed your soul. You’ll be more likely to choose a Me Time treat from your list rather than wasting it on social media, TV, tidying up or whatever your default mode is. Read Why You Need Mama Me Time for tips to put this Action sheet into immediate use.

Challenge Solver

Whether it’s a small niggle or a full blown problem, hashing it out on paper really works. Read these tips on problem-solving, then print off a few of these to have handy any time you find yourself trying to figure something out in your head.  Pick a problem – any problem, then re-frame it as a challenge. Once you get into problem-solving mode you can use an Ideas Into Action sheet (below) to take some first steps towards improving things. You’ve got this!

Blank Grid

Use this blank grid for making your own charts, systems, lists, or breaking a project down into parts. The possibilities are endless!

Tips for Making the Most of Your Action Sheets:

  • Read my book, Project Me for Busy Mothers: A Practical Guide for Finding a Happier Balance. All of these Action Sheets are explained in fuller detail and you'll find great inspiration for ways to use them in your everyday life.
  • Take baby steps. It’s tempting to jump in and complete every Action Sheet all at once. (A+ for enthusiasm!) By taking it slower, you’ll get real results that actually work.
  • Create a Project Me binder to hold your Action Sheets. Date them so you can chart your evolution and learn from your achievements and mistakes.
  • Do it with a friend! Project Me works amazingly well this way. You gain added insight and accountability. And it’s just more fun. I’ve created a Power Pal Pack to guide you through creating a Project Me Mastermind Pair or Posse.

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