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Now more than ever, you need to keep your vibes high.

With so much uncertainty in the world, the only thing any of us truly have any control over is our own thoughts and emotions.

This 4-week High Vibe Journey teaches you the foundations of energy and how to raise your vibes so you can be a force of good in your home, your community, and the world.

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The Project Me Book published by Orion Spring

Project Me for Busy Mothers: A Practical Guide to Finding a Happier Balance is available now on Amazon and other book sellers all over the world.  Filled with practical strategies, guiding questions, inspirational accounts, and a treasure trove of recommended resources, this workbook and guide will motivate you to become the project manager of your life. 

Project Me Planners & Workbooks

Get the popular Design My Day & Weekend planner and the Monthly Date With Me workbook delivered to your door, anywhere in the world!

These are the key to feeling on top of all areas of your life.

*NOW ON AMAZON: The Monthly Date With Me workbook!



Once I discovered doTERRA essential oils, they became a part of my everyday life. I use them to support my own health and wellbeing, as well as for my family members. They're great for lifting emotions and raising vibes. I now also use them in cooking and cleaning. I'm now a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and I'm happy to help you get started with essential oils. Here's my doTERRA info page. 


Project Me retreats take place on the beautiful Spanish island of Ibiza. We’re cooking up our next retreat now, so register your interest by contacting me here and you’ll be the first to know.

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Click HERE for a roundup of the last Project Me Live! event in words and pictures.

Project Me Live! Event roundup



The Project Me Podcast!










Each episode takes you on a journey into the wonderful world of 'woo woo' and personal growth, offering practical positivity and ending with an opportunity to breathe and reflect on your own life path.

You are capable of AMAZING things when you step out of auto-pilot, break free from self-limiting beliefs, tap into your intuition and discover your sacred purpose - who you came here to be in this lifetime.

This podcast will show you what's possible when you open your mind, open your heart - and stay curious. Head to the Project Me Podcast page here or subscribe in your favourite podcast app.

Podcast Interviews

I've been a guest on many other podcasts and I'm available for interviews - here are links to the ones I get the most positive feedback from (or search for them in your podcast app):

Motherkind with Zoe Blaskey (Finding Balance Within the Busy)

The Parent Practice Podcast (Be Your Best YOU)

How to Raise a Maverick (How to Put Yourself First So You Are The Parent You Want To Be)

How to Raise a Maverick (I was a guest again talking about a fresh alternative to Goal Setting)

Sunshine Parenting with Audrey Monk (How to Join Forces With Other Women to Lift You Higher)

Happy Mama With Amy Taylor-Kabbaz (Working with the Law of Attraction for Better Productivity and Life Balance)

Seek the Joy Podcast (The Power of Storytelling)

Extraordinary Business Books (How I got my book publishing deal off the back of creating the online Project Me )

Authentic Parenting Podcast (Ditch Busy: Finding a Happier Balance)

Mother of All Movement Podcast (Create Your Own Project Me)

Contact Kelly Pietrangeli here

You Make It is the charity Project Me supports

Thank you for being a part of the global Project Me tribe.  A portion of proceeds from books, online membership, workshops and retreats goes to charities that support and empower women.

Mothers supporting mothers – we’re all in this together.

This year's primary charity is You Make It.

You Make It empowers unemployed women with the confidence, skills, networks, knowledge,

and experiences needed to realise their passions and pursue their goals.

Join Project WE to work on your Project Me with Kelly and others!

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