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I'm Kelly Pietrangeli and I don't believe in 'random coincidences'.

When you notice all of the amazing and meaningful coincidences in your life, they show up more and more to guide you.

It's easy to miss these signposts when you're stuck on a treadmill of busyness. Life becomes only about 'getting things done'. It can feel like you're going through the motions and missing out on the juicy stuff that lights you up. 

Sadly, it often takes a crisis to jolt out of auto-pilot. This can come in many forms from burnout and illness, to a relationship breakdown, to losing a job or losing a loved one. 

But it doesn't have to take a crisis to wake up and live with purpose and joy. It only takes clear intention and a willingness to slow down and get to know yourself on a deeper level.

Creating your own Project Me means checking in with yourself regularly so you know what's going on in your head and heart.  When you forget to check-in, you've checked out. I know ALL about that...


My Story

When I left my career to start a family, I completely lost myself. Everything became about the kids and I felt like a hamster on a wheel, going through the motions. I was always chasing my tail, spinning too many plates at once, feeling overwhelmed and super frustrated. (And then guilty because 'I had it all' and should really just be grateful.)

In a burst of inspiration, I got proactive and decided to make sense out of my hectic life by taking a close look at each part individually to see what was and what wasn't working and becoming proactive about improving things. I set mini goals with small-step action plans and teamed up with friends for accountability. 


I called it my 'Project Me'

And it worked! Life was no longer happening TO me, it was happening BY me. 

Fast forward to 2013 when I launched this website and began teaching the Project Me framework to other women, helping them to become the experts of themselves and their lives. 

My book was published by Orion Spring in 2018, the Project Me Podcast launched in 2020, and I love seeing women all over the world working on their own versions of their #ProjectMe 

My kids have now flown the nest and my own personal Project Me has evolved to a whole new level. I'm here to share my magic mix of practical life management strategies and super soul lifters to make 'ease and flow' your new way of life too. 

Nothing needs to feel like an upstream paddle. When you notice that life feels like hard work, it's your clear sign to release the oars and trust that everything will unfold in perfect timing, without all of the pushing and striving.

I teach all about that in my popular High Vibe Journey programme

Are you willing to take that important first step to get started on your own Project Me?

The Project Me Life Wheel® is my free gift to you. It makes it super simple to get started straight away.

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Here are a few quirky facts in case you've made it this far!

I grew up in ?? and have been living in ?? and ?? since I was 24.

My last name, 'Pietrangeli', means Rock Angels in Italian. ??

I manifested my dream house in Ibiza and will be living there full time soon.

I'm solar powered and sunshine is my life blood. ☀️ 

Speaking of blood, my type is B-Positive! ?

I'm an ENFJ 'Protagonist' on the personality test, which is the most introverted of the extroverts. 

I have a glitter phobia. Eeeek! Can't stand the stuff. 

I seriously suck at baking. I wish I'd photographed my disasters so we could laugh together! 

I've got an insane hot sauce collection. Some like it hot! ?

House music and dancing my socks off raises my vibes sky high!

I enjoy meaningful conversations and connecting on deeper levels beyond small-talk. 

I've kept every journal since I was 10 and it's a form of therapy as well as strengthening my intuition. 

I'm crazy about roller coasters, wicked thunderstorms⚡ and rainbows! ?

My mind is exceptionally open and I love exploring the intagibles of life.  ?

I'm a qualified Soul Plan Practitioner and love helping women to discover their soul purpose in this lifetime. (I'm currently working on creating a whole new separate website to express the SOULFUL side of my work.)

I find it hard to remember what life was like before emojis. ?


I get a real kick out of checking to see how many new people have downloaded the free Project Me Life Wheel®. I hope that includes YOU! Pop your first name and email into the boxes below and it'll whiz into your in-box straight away: