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Let me guess. You aren't showing up as your 'best self' as much as you'd like. Too often you feel unfocused, overwhelmed and pulled in too many directions.

Someone always needs something from you. There’s a nagging feeling that your own goals and dreams are buried under everything else that needs your attention.

How can you be the mindful and present mama you know you want to be when your head is such a jumbled mess?

I’m here to throw you a life line.

I’ve got great strategies for overcoming overwhelm, getting better organised, trouble-shooting and goal setting. You’ll become a proactive problem-solver who sees obstacles as challenges and feels empowered by your ability to calmly figure things out.

Soon the foggy brain will lift and you’ll see a clear path. Once you’ve found your focus there’ll be no stopping you.

How do I know this is possible? Because several years ago I was in your shoes. Fed up, exasperated and beating myself up for never doing anything ‘good enough’.

I hit a real low point when my kids were starting school. I assumed things would get easier once I was out of the physically exhausting, sleep-deprived early days yet, as they grew older, whole new challenges took over.

I finally stopped burying my head in the sand and hoping it would all get better on its own. I became proactive by creating my Project ME. And it transformed my life.

My days now flow with a lot more ease. I’ve lost that perpetually overwhelmed feeling and I get more done with less effort. I’ve discovered my passions and a sense of purpose that makes me happy to wake up every morning. I feel a deeper connection to my family (and myself) now more than ever before.

I’ve got some very cool shortcuts to speed you into a better place

in much less time than it took me.

I’m not called The Mama Motivator for nothing!

Taking better control of your life doesn’t mean being a control freak. Nor is it about perfection.

It’s about freeing yourself up to enjoy the journey.

Let me offer you this very first step:

Use the Project Me Life Wheel®® to find out which areas of your life need your focus first.

That’s it. (You have to start somewhere, right?)

It’s as easy as typing your first name and email address into the boxes below.

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Who am I?

I’m Kelly Pietrangeli. (It means Rock Angels in Italian.)

I live in London with three gorgeous men: My Anglo-Italian husband and our two teenage boys. Yes, it can get very hairy around here.

I spent the first half of my life in America and the second half in England, making me a kind of a Yank-Brit hybrid. One son calls me ‘mum’; the other calls me ‘mom’. I’ll answer to either, unless I’m meditating or watching The Crown on Netflix.

I used to work in a whole string of ridiculously fun jobs in Hollywood, including being Johnny Depp’s Press Assistant, and then making music videos. I moved to London when I was twenty-four and became a record cover designer.

In my late twenties I met the guy of my dreams, got married, and used the fringe benefits of my job in the music industry to go to free concerts and parties several nights a week.

Life was super fun! It was all going fairy-tale dreamy until ...

*Cue sound of screeching needle dragging across record*

We decided to have a baby. And then another...

I share more about that in my book, Project Me for Busy Mothers: A Practical Guide to Finding a Happier Balance

In a tight coconut shell: I morphed into a crazy shout-a-holic who took my frustrations out on my kids.

Read More

After successfully completing a 10-week parenting skills class with The Parent Practice in 2006 I went on to work with them, helping other mothers to learn the strategies that turned our family life around.

It soon hit me that all of the best parenting classes in the world are not going to work if you – the mother – are feeling stressed out, unsupported, overwhelmed or aren’t taking care of yourself properly. When some parts of your life are not running smoothly, it has a knock on effect on everything else.

Project Me was launched in 2013 and via my blog, online programmes, live workshops, virtual coaching and mentoring I’ve helped thousands of mothers to learn how to put themselves on the front burner.

As The Mama Motivator, I love helping mothers to problem solve, set clear goals, create action plans and follow through. On my blog I share how I’ve overcome challenges in all areas of my life. Explore the blog vault and you’ll find one that covers whatever you’re facing right now. (I’ve been accused by some mothers of having spy cameras on them.)

I geek out on productivity and time management hacks: lists, meal planning, systems, digital tools and daily action plans. I like to feel organised and on top of my many to-dos.

I’m also a personal growth junkie and weave meditation and mindfulness techniques into each day. This helps me to drop perfection, go with the flow and live my life with a sense of open-hearted curiosity. I’ve honestly never felt happier.

I get the biggest buzz from sharing tips, tools, resources and strategies that have worked for me - and hearing back that they’re working for you too! Read Project Me Mama Success Stories here.

Are you ready to take that very first step? Use the Project Me Life Wheel® to quickly assess where you’re at right now. Be sure to put today’s date on it so you can look back and see this as the day you started your Project Me.  You’ll be so glad you did.


The FREE & FABULOUS Project Me Life Wheel® comes with full driving instructions so you'll quickly discover where you’re in or out of balance and what needs your focus FIRST.

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