High Vibe Journey

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A new year. A new DECADE. A new way of living your life with


2020 is your year to finally...

Allow life to work for you every single day. 

Feel truly connected and present with all you do and whoever you’re with.

Make feeling good be your highest priority.

Navigate your daily life with more ease than you’d ever dreamt possible.

Consistently create positive energy to elevate yourself into higher levels of joy, freedom, empowerment and love.

Project Me High Vibe Journey

What is the High Vibe Journey?

This 4-week High Vibe Journey teaches you the foundations of energy and how to raise your vibes to experience the life you're here to live.

This is not another Law of Attraction course.

You will not be following a formula because the truth is - there isn't one, even if others are trying to sell it to you.

You will discover what raises your vibes for you.

You will create new habits and rituals that you love doing so much, you won't want to stop!

The better you feel – on a daily basis – the more you'll focus on what really matters to you, like your relationships, your children, your dreams, and/or making the world a better place. 

Kelly Pietrangeli

I’m Kelly Pietrangeli, your guide on this High Vibe Journey.

I've been teaching practical life management strategies for the past seven years, helping thousands of women to get a firm foundation beneath them using the Project Me framework. 

But throughout this time I was keeping a secret. 

I was afraid my clients would run away if I told them about my 'woo woo' side. After all, women came to me for my productivity and time management tools, top parenting strategies, and support with starting a business. I even got a book published around my proven approach to handling a busy mother's most common challenges. 

But behind the scenes, I was learning that life is more than just doing and that by allowing myself to simply be more often, I was moving into higher levels of  conscious living. Rather than believing that life only happens by me, life was now happening for me and in me. No more striving and hustling to get things done, but allowing life to unfold naturally without all of the stress or hard work. 

As I learned more about about vibrational energy, I tapped into a beautiful new resource: FLOW.

My life now flows with so much ease. Doors open and people and opportunities show up just as I need them because I know how to keep my vibes consistently high. I get myself unstuck quickly and I know when to surrender and let go of control when I catch myself trying to paddle upstream.

There is so much more to life than just paying the bills and working through your endless to-do list. When you're too focused on the physical world of what you can see, hear, smell, taste and touch, you miss out on all that exists beyond your five senses. 

Whether you're aware of it or not, you are always responding to the energetic vibrations around you. Your outer world is like a mirror that reflects your inner world and your emotions are there to guide you.

The best thing about all of this is that you get to choose what kind of energy you give off and receive back. By choosing to raise your vibrations, you're making space in your life for more love, freedom, success, abundance, joy, peace - whatever it is your heart desires.

And when inner and outer worlds are in alignment, it's a magic mix that creates incredible EASE & FLOW. 


Think of me as a bridge between your outer world and your inner world. I'll apply my same no-nonsense approach to teaching you about getting into vibrational alignment as I do about teaching time management strategies or how to get your kids to listen to you.

You may not be drawn to Shambala the Light Healer (that's a name I made-up)  because she's not speaking your language and it won't resonate or make deep sense.

I'm here to make this practical, accessible and doable.


Project Me High Vibe Journey

The High Vibe Journey Begins on 111 2020

Project Me High Vibe Journey

Your High Vibe Journey will run for four weeks.

The Journey includes a beautiful workbook, meditations, music and weekly guidance, all designed to help you discover what raises your vibrations for you.  As you move along you will learn how to be more consistently in alignment - and what to do when you are feeling out of flow. 

Pushing, striving and hustling to make things happen in your life will become a thing of the past.

I will create a safe space for you to feedback as you follow your own beautiful path - one in tune with your unique frequency. What happens in January and early February will set you up for the entire year ahead - and beyond.

Space is limited to 12. Reserve your place by emailing support@myprojectme.com and telling me if you'd like to pay in USD or GBP via PayPal, Stripe or bank transfer.


*SOLD OUT! - to join the May 2020 waitlist email support@myprojectme.com*


To choose to take part in the The High Vibe Journey is not only a gift to yourself, but a gift to your family, your community and to everyone else you encounter each day. I'll go so far as to say it's also your gift to the world. If we all raise our own vibrations, imagine what we are collectively doing for the energies of our planet.

If your intuition is guiding you to join in, let me know. I'd love to have you as a part of the High Vibe Journey.

Tap Into Your Intution

Are you up for a little exercise right now to release your over-analytical thinking mind and feel into your heart space?

Completely relax the muscles in your forehead. Now take a long, slow, deep breath in through your nose.  Hold it at the top for the count of three, and then let it all flow out through your mouth as a loooong, slow, releasing sigh. Repeat this two more times. Then close your eyes and relax your forehead again.  Turn inwards as you ask yourself, 'Does this High Vibe Journey feel good to me? Am I feeling called to join in?'   

Tune into your response. Maybe your head slightly nods or you lean forward. Or maybe your head shakes no or you lean back.

Your rational brain may try to intervene with pros and cons and hesitations. Gently release that voice of 'reason' and return to your inner guidance. Your intuitive voice sounds calm and confident and is the one to listen to.  If that voice says yes, click the yes button below and you're in.

And if the voice was a calm, clear no - then you have your answer. The more you listen to your wise inner voice, the more guided you'll become towards what is right for you.

If you struggled to tell the difference between your logical mind and your intuitive guidance, keep reading to learn more. 

Project Me High Vibe Journey



Tune Into The Energy Behind Your Emotions

Discover the Secret To Ease & Flow 

Create Your Unique High Vibe Practices


Balance The Doing & The Being 

Get Into Alignment Before Action 

Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

Play With Your Practices


Experience Present Moment Living

Tame Your Ego and Clear Away Negativity

Expand Your Practices


Tap Into Your Own Source Connection

Trust Your Vibes to Strengthen Your Intuition

Deepen Your Practices

Reserve your place by emailing support@myprojectme.com and telling me if you'd like to pay in USD or GBP via PayPal, Stripe or bank transfer.


*SOLD OUT! - to join the May 2020 waitlist email support@myprojectme.com*


If you have questions, I'm happy to answer them.

Contact me directly by clicking here or emailing support@myprojectme.com.   - Kelly x