High Vibe Journey  is a 4 week programme to raise your vibes


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Project Me High Vibe Journey


There is so much magic in every day and you're missing it when you're vibes are low. In fact, you're continuing to attract low vibe people and experiences into your life until you raise your vibration to a higher frequency. 


The High Vibe Journey rekindles your joy and passion for life. 

It invites in magic! 


You become a magnet attracting opportunities and experiences and people that help you to feel excited to be alive. 


In only 4 weeks, you'll view your life through a fresh new lens.

You'll then become a positive beacon as you spread this light into your family, your relationships, your work, and making the world a better place.  


I’m Kelly Pietrangeli, your guide on this High Vibe Journey.

I have a gift for taking all of the books, programmes, workshops, modalities I've devoured over the past 20+ years and distilling it into an easy to follow 4-week online programme that transforms lives.

I first launched the High Vibe Journey in January 2020 and it's become my most loved and popular offering.


Think of me as a bridge between your outer world and your inner world. I have a no-nonsense approach to showing you how to get  into vibrational alignment every day so you're consistently living with flow and ease.

I'm here to make this practical, accessible and doable.



"In all honesty, I didn’t fully understand the concept of ‘raising my vibes’ but I figured a course to help me stay positive and upbeat sounded attractive and it was an accessible price point, so I went for it.  Little did I know what I was going to discover about myself in the next four weeks! It’s been entirely surprising and possibly one of the most revelatory and incredible things I’ve done for myself."

- Annabel

Project Me High Vibe Journey

The High Vibe Journey

Project Me High Vibe Journey

If you find yourself...

not being your best true self (and beating yourself up about it)

slipping into downward-spiral thinking

worrying about the future, ruminating over the past 

absorbing other people's energies like a sponge

stuck in auto-pilot 'doing' mode and forgetting how to be BE

feeling like your dimmer switch is stuck on low brightness


 The High Vibe Journey is the life upgrade you need!

Rather than continuing to work on yourself in an inconsistent 'winging it' way, this set 4-week programme gives you the tools you need to give your inner archecture a complete and long-lasting overhaul.


No need to worry about fitting 'one more thing' into your life.  The High Vibe Journey is thoughtfully designed to adapt to whatever else you've got going on. 

Here's how it works logistically:

  • Each module is opened up at the beginning of the week with two videos that can be watched at a time you choose.
  • The Workbook helps you to take what you've learned and apply it to your own life straight away.
  • There is one Bonus Meet-Up with myself and the group with a replay if you can't make it live. 
  • You'll be invited into our small, intimate pop-up community forum for extra support and inspiration. 
  • There's an accountability check-in each and every week.
  • There are no times or dates you need to schedule in or work around. You really can do this!
  • You have ongoing access to all of the programme videos and materials long after the four weeks are up.

Bonuses include:

  • Group Zoom call to connect our energies (optional but always very popular with those who attend!)
  • Kundalini class created especially for the High Vibe Journey with Nicole Shenton.
  • Money Is Energy - my bonus module to help you activate a flow of financial abundance.
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping with Zandra Spencer.
  • Box of High Vibe Inspiration to keep exploring far beyond the length of this programme.

It's how you naturally weave it into your daily life that will create the transformation.


Tap Into Your Intution

Still not sure? In two minds? Here's a little exercise I use a lot when making decisions. I call it The Sway Test. It help me to release my over-analytical thinking mind and feel into my wise inner knowing.

1. Stand tall with your feet hip-width apart, knees relaxed - not locked out.

2. Completely relax the muscles in your forehead. (This drops you out of your thinking mind.)

3. Take a long, slow, deep breath in through your nose.  Hold it at the top for the count of three, and then let it all flow out through your mouth as a loooong, slow, releasing sigh.

4. Repeat this two more times. Keep relaxing your forehead.

5. Now ask either out loud or in your head: 'Is now the time for me to say yes to the High Vibe Journey?'

Did your body sway forwards? That's a YES!

Did your body sway backwards? It's a no. 

You now have your answer. The more you listen to your wise inner voice, the more guided you'll become towards what is right for you.

If you struggled to tell the difference between your logical mind and your intuitive guidance, or you lack trust in the answer you received (or your body swayed around in weird circles!) - that's exactly what we'll cover in week four. Learning how to tap into and trust your intuition is one of life's greatest gifts. 

Project Me High Vibe Journey



Understand The Energy Behind Your Emotions

How to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency 

Create Your High Vibe Practices


Discover the Secret to Ease & Flow

Balance The 'Doing' & The 'Being' 

Get Into Alignment Before Action 

Play With Your Practices


Experience True Acceptance of the Present Moment to Stop Fighting Against Reality

Protect Your Precious Energies From Outside Influences

Deepen Your Practices


Plug Into Your Own Source Connection

Trust Your Vibes to Strengthen Your Intuition and Hear Your Own Guidance

Commit to Your High Vibe Practices Long Term


"I would highly recommend this journey. If anyone is nervous about not having enough time or not being able to do it then I would want them to know that it is really easy once you start. We all have the ability to raise our vibes, it just takes being committed and conscious - the rest flows without any real effort! I feel much more content and less stressed and I am delighted to know how to protect myself from others’ low vibes and, in fact, see how my high vibe moments affect them! It's especially powerful with the children as they pick up on the vibes so much quicker and easier. I can honestly say our home is a happier place now and that includes having my slightly challenging mother in law stay for 7 nights, what a result! I have also communicated some really important feelings that needed to be expressed - without fear and from a place of love - and so far so good, the conversation continues positively! "- S.C.

"I embraced this journey, I felt that this was my call, my opportunity to be back in contact with my higher self that was hiding under the snow of daily commitments. My family saw a better version of me, one that was able to change emotions from bad to good more quickly than before.  This journey gave me the courage and sense of confidence that it is not too late to find my purpose." - Paola 

"I’d absolutely recommend it! If you are ready to feel lifted and inspired, you will be. It’s a great investment in your "project me" and everyone around you will benefit too. My husband says there's been a certain glow about me ever since I started the program."  - Suzanne

"My intention for joining was to find more flow, get my mojo back and a spring in my step again after a low vibe few months. And to develop tools that will keep me bouncing back and staying High Vibe long term. And I have definitely found all of this!  Thank you Kelly for this wonderful space and opportunity to learn. The lessons here are so profound that I will keep revisiting and deepening. I love your wisdom, love and gentleness in delivering this." - Deborah W.







Get onto the Interested List for the next round of the High Vibe Journey by emailing hello@myprojectme.com


As soon as you say YES your vibes will begin to shift! (I hear this every time.)



"I've read a gazillion self-help books over the last 30 years, but the ONE THING that helped it all slip into place for me was your High Vibe Journey course. Absolute game-changer. Honestly, the world would be a better place if everyone did this course. I couldn't praise it highly enough."  - Louisa


If you have questions, I'm happy to answer them.

Contact me directly by clicking here or emailing support@myprojectme.com.   - Kelly x