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How to Indulge Yourself (Within A Budget)

How to Indulge Yourself (Within A Budget)
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FACT #1:  Being a mother is a beautiful gift.

FACT #2:  It’s also the most underpaid, overworked (but rewarding in it’s own way) job on the planet.

FACT #3:  Most mothers don’t pamper themselves nearly enough because of guilt, time or money.

Does #3 ring true for you? You’re not alone sister!  Guilt tops the list because our Mama DNA makes us great givers – but not great receivers.

Take a moment to imagine what it would feel like if you could pamper yourself once a month, twice a month or even EVERY WEEK?

BUT.(always the big but…)

‘I don’t have time.’

‘I don’t feel right about it.’

‘We can’t afford that.’

Insert your big but here:  ‘______________________________________________’.


Your kids are experts at making excuses – and so are you.

Here’s the absolute TRUTH:[more]

The Key to Finding a Better Balance

The Key to Finding a Better Balance
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It’s easy to let the demands of motherhood tip you in one direction, leaving other parts of your life sitting on the back burner.

You don’t realise you’re neglecting your self care – even when you become overwhelmed and short fused. You don’t see that your man needs attention, until you start drifting apart. Without enough fun, friends or personal growth – you get into a total rut. Take your eye off the ball with finances, organising or cleaning – and suddenly you’re in a deep mess.

So how can a busy mama find a better balance in life when there’s always so much that needs attention?

First you have to know, balance is not about giving the same amount of energy to all areas of your life simultaneously. It’s more about being aware of what needs your focus at any given time and recognising the symptoms of feeling out of balance before things get out of hand. 

It’s all too easy to let some areas of your life fall off the radar completely while you’re too busy with everything else.

The good news is, I have the key to helping you get back into balance fast. [more]

How To Talk To Your Man About Money (Minus The Meltdown)

How To Talk To Your Man About Money (Minus The Meltdown)
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Are you on the same page as your husband when it comes to money? Or do you just avoid having that conversation until it explodes in financial disaster or relationship meltdown?

My man and I are polar opposites. He’s the saver, I’m the spender. He prefers to plan, I splash out on impulse.

Finding a middle ground is challenging (to say the least) and makes money a really hot topic for us.

The thing is, money’s about SO much more than its paper value. It’s a loaded subject. It’s about control, power, status, personal worth and dependence vs. independence.

So what’s the way forward?[more]

Confessions of a Former Shopaholic

Confessions of a Former Shopaholic
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I had a dirty secret, even my husband didn’t know. I did it on the quiet. It was spiralling out of control. I knew I had to stop, but I couldn’t. I was a full-blown shopaholic.

I’d buy pretty much what I wanted, when I wanted it. The upside was that it was fun and having a constant stream of new stuff was lovely. But there was a very dark downside. I was always in debt – living from paycheck to paycheck, juggling bank loans, household and credit card bills, and never checking my bank account because it was just too scary.

 I longed to be debt free with money in the bank, but for many years the pull of a purchase won out. Eventually I decided enough was enough. Overspending was taking a toll on my relationships and the stress was affecting my health.[more]

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