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Annabel’s High Vibe Journey

Annabel said she wanted other women to know what the High Vibe Journey programme is about, so with her permission, I’ve published her inspiring story here:

In all honesty, I didn’t fully understand the concepts Kelly talked about on the sales page for her High Vibe Journey programme. What does ‘raising my vibes’ or ‘strengthening my intuition’ or getting into ‘alignment before action’ actually mean?  But I figured a course to help me stay positive and upbeat sounded attractive and it was an accessible price point, so I went for it.  Little did I know what I was going to discover about myself in the next four weeks! 

What I learnt on the High Vibe Journey has made all the pieces of the jigsaw from every course, book and podcast fall into place.  I feel whole and I’m able to see myself, my place in the world and those around me clearly.  I feel centred, I’m better able to understand myself and my needs. It’s been entirely surprising and possibly one of the most revelatory and incredible things I’ve done for myself.

If you’re not entirely sure what this course entails, here’s a little snap shot of of my own High Vibe Journey:

It used to take a lot to get me out of bed in the mornings, but already in week one, I was waking up earlier because I wanted to! And I’m still doing it because my high vibe morning practices are like lovely little treats for me.  I’ve learnt how to meditate (taa daaa pretty magical in itself!)  For me, finally setting up an enticing and enjoyable morning routine was by itself worth doing the course for – but everyone gains something different from their own journey.

Kelly’s introduced many fun ideas to weave into our lives, no matter how busy we are. I got hooked on doTERRA essential oils which do their magic as I’m getting on with my day.  They’ve also helped my husband with his hayfever and work wonders for calming the kids at bedtime (worth every penny there!). The self-care these oils afford me has quickly become a bit of a love affair. 

I now have the tools to look after myself even if I only have one spare minute and of course lots more tricks up my sleeve should I have 10 minutes or the holy grail of an hour or more. 

One of the loveliest things about this course is that Kelly sets up all these wonderful options so that you can pick and choose.  It’s a bit like an incredible sweetie shop for women.  She isn’t telling you what to do – she opens her arms wide and says dive in and find what works for YOU.  It’s done with such a light touch and so much fun. Each week is fresh inspiration.

And if you’re thinking you’d never have time for all of this, the two weekly videos are actually really short – about 30-40 minutes in total. Watching them at the beginning of each week makes such a strong impact on how you think and act for the whole rest of the week.

The emotional work is fascinating. Kelly teaches you how to move from frustration or doubt for instance to a more positive emotion, how to detach from negative thoughts that aren’t working for you and turn them around. One of the real highlights for me was learning how to surrender.  To identify when you feel like you’re paddling upstream (hell yeah, every day!) and let go of your to-do list (I was fixated on trying to get through it in some form or another so I could get some peace) but I’ve realised it’s NEVER going to be done.  Instead you learn how to tap into what you’re feeling drawn to that day and to go with the flow (don’t worry, I hadn’t a clue what this meant either, but Kelly will show you) and amazingly I somehow got more done without the pressure. 

Thanks to me feeling more relaxed, connected and chilled, the whole rest of my family is too. I’m much more compassionate with myself and I’m now fully signed up to self-care. I’ve thrown guilt out the window!

I’ve experienced joy and contentment in spades since starting this High Vibe Journey. I won’t go on and spoil all the wonderful treats in store for you, but if this calls to you, you’re in for a little slice of magic, on this crazy, wild and wonderful journey.

It’s been an absolute joy Kelly – I can’t thank you enough.  So much love, Annabel xxx

What an incredible email to open up yesterday. Thank you Annabel, it’s been such a joy to be your guide on your High Vibe Journey.

You can read more testimonials from other women who have done the HVJ here.

Come and find out more about the High Vibe Journey!

Head here for all of the details + a little intuition test to see what you’re Higher Self has to say about you joining.

Positively yours,

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