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You have this idea.

A vision for what your life could look like.

Waking up each day feeling clear-headed and motivated.

Knowing what your priorities are and taking inspired action.

Making exciting progress on your bigger picture goals and dreams.

Feeling present and connected to yourself and those you love.

BUT there's something BIG missing:

You lack the clarity and focus to make this vision your reality.

Something or someone always needs your attention.

The distractions! So many distractions.

You start to make some progress… only to be sidetracked.

You’ve got some poor habits that aren’t doing you any good.

You feel scattered, frustrated and stuck in auto-pilot.

(So, you just click over to Facebook/Instagram/Netflix because that’s all you’ve got the energy for right now.)

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

This is where Project WE comes in!


Project WE is a private online membership club for women with a growth-mindset who want to step out of auto-pilot and create a life they love.
Learn how to manage  your time and energy better, get into positive habits and become the best version of yourself.

Don't wait any longer to begin creating a life you love!

If we’ve not met each other yet…

Hi! I’m Kelly Pietrangeli, your guide and mentor on this journey called Project Me.

After losing my SELF to motherhood 18+ years ago, I know what it feels like to wake up each day feeling like a robot who’s just going through the motions with everything that needs doing, and neglecting my inner being.

I always felt like something was missing, but couldn’t put my finger on what.

Finally I got proactive. I decided to stop waiting for things to get better on their own and started treating my whole life like an important project - my Project Me

I joined forces with two friends and we began meeting up monthly to work on our lives together. As a result, I stopped drowning in my to-do list and began focusing on what really mattered to me.

When I began to live my life intentionally - that’s when the magic really unfolded.

As a result, I began to feel more focused and a whole lot calmer. I stopped shouting at my kids, grew a kinder marriage, improved my health and fitness, formed meaningful friendships, developed a deep and loving relationship with myself, manifested all kinds of opportunities and money - and created a fulfilling career out of helping others to do all of the above. Whew! What a huge difference to how things used to be!

I’m now incredibly passionate about helping women to rise above the day to day struggles so they can build a deeper connection to themselves and those they love. We all deserve to live out our true potential. Nobody needs to settle for a mundane life or to have their goals and dreams sitting on the backburner - including you. Soon you'll see that when you get those important foundations of your life into a solid place, the fog clears, you find your flow and then - look out - there’ll be no stopping you!

Over the past five years I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work with women all over the world in my 1:1 sessions and inside of my online programmes to help them get unstuck, yet it’s a fact that your Project Me is never-ending. 

That’s why I’ve created Project WE. Think of it as an ongoing drip-feed of support, motivation and fresh inspiration to keep you on the straight and narrow and save you from getting distracted, lost or falling back into old ways.

(It happens to the best of us when we don’t have this kind of support.)


Here's where the journey begins...


You enter into the the Membership Hub which is broken down into clear, colour-coded sections, designed to transition you easily from overwhelm into empowerment.

You’ll be given all of the hand-holding you need to get off the starting blocks by identifying what needs your focus first, any habits you need to replace, and then heading to the relevant life area section for tools and resources to create your own personal plan of action.

From there, you’ll have free reign to dip and dive around the hub and take what you need, when you need it. There is no pressure to ‘keep up’ and no feeling of being ‘behind’ because you’re always going at your own pace. This is about empowering you to become the Project Manager of your life.

The Membership Hub will become your go-to destination for:





Q & A


Evernote Training
to Organise Your Life

Evernote Training

Trello Training to
Master Your To-Do List

Trello Training

Both of these Productivity & Time Management trainings are normally sold separately for $19 each - and both are included in Project WE membership!


And you don’t have to go it alone.


Meet your Project WE
Power Posse!

Project WE membership gives you access to your own amazing Power Posse

In this positive community, you’ll find encouragement and support, added accountability to stay on track, and have a safe space to openly celebrate your wins every week without feeling "braggy".

Together we will lift each other HIGHER!


Using the Project Me framework, you'll be prompted at the start each month to do your all-important Project Me Life Wheel® check-in. This gets you clear about what needs your focus - and what can wait. (You can do anything, but not everything all at once. This will help you to keep your balance and stay out of overwhelm.)

Each week you’ll have opportunities to declare your goals and intentions, share your wins, ask for and offer support - and take on any of my optional challenges to help you with whatever habits you’d like to change.

All of this will really help you to stay on top of your Project Me!


 finally find your focus

so you move forward with a renewed sense of confidence

become infinitely better at managing your time and energy

find a happier balance

by following a simple monthly process of checking in with yourself regularly


with other like-minded women who will cheer for your wins and encourage your pursuits

become a magnet

for attracting amazing things into your life by keeping your vibrations high

build a life you love

that makes you excited to start each new day

Join my monthly live workshop!


My workshops take place via Zoom video conferencing. They are also recorded so if you can’t make it live, you’ll catch the playbacks in the membership hub.


Workshop themes include:

How to Make the Most of your Membership

Creating a Heart-Centred Vision Board

Productivity & Time Management Masterclass

How To Become a Magnet to Attract What You Desire

Project WE opened its doors in January 2019 to over 100 members! More women from all over the world are joining every week. FOUNDER MEMBERSHIP is open until the end of September 2019. 

 Founder Members receive a price-freeze membership rate of $19 USD per month (approx. £15 GBP)


This price-freeze means that when membership goes up to ‘a dollar a day’, you’ll stick to only $19 per month. If you live in the UK, this equals approximately £15. It's incredible value for money and a fraction of what hiring a life coach or joining a mastermind normally costs. Please scroll down for more FAQs including how to pay in either US Dollars or British Pounds, plus the easy cancellation policy and member testimonials. 

I am committed to donating $1 a month of your membership fee to charities that support women who are facing incredible challenges (and would probably dream of having our lives). By helping yourself to feel happier, you are at the same time helping another woman to feed her family, escape domestic violence or to fulfill a dream of her own.  Women helping women is what this is all about. 


Here are just a few of the glowing testimonials from happy Project WE members:

The speed at which I’m developing and creating positive changes within my life makes It hard to believe I only joined Project WE five months ago. I’m choosing better thoughts, I’m caring more about how I feel and I'm being way kinder to myself than I’ve ever been.

The true success of Project WE shows in my happiness and the beautiful affect this has on my children and my relationship with my husband. We’re having more fun, we’re laughing more and I’m in the moment appreciating my life and my amazing family, and for this I will always be grateful to Kelly.

Simone Bowles, Australia

I love the Project WE community more than I'd imagined and didn’t realise how much I needed this vibe around me. A group of women who want to get stuff done, and doing it mindfully and in a balanced way - not being in superwoman mode all the time.
Even if you only do the monthly check-ins and bring Kelly's productivity trainings into your life, you will more than see the benefits of the membership. They are all game-changers. The community and all else feel like lovely added bonuses. I am creating the life i want now. My tolerance for excuses (including my own) has decreased; life is for the making.

Zandra Spencer, UK

I'd absolutely recommend Project WE to anyone who wants to shape the life they want (as opposed to firefighting the day to day). I am so much more relaxed as I have the confidence to say no to the things that aren’t serving me at this moment in time. Spending just an hour a week on my Project Me gives me back so much more in return.

Project We gives you the tools and confidence to STOP PEDDLING and START DRIVING. It doesn’t take a lot of time but the results are very worth it.

Lucy Dawson, UK

Kelly’s guidance often feels like it is written specifically for me and comes from a place of great warmth and positivity. Project WE includes many benefits but my favourite is the closed Facebook Group. I didn’t use FB before joining Project We but I am now ALL IN.  It’s a positive place to share success, celebrate each other, ask advice and hang out with some online pals - the only thing missing is a cheeky cocktail or two. Kelly has masterminded a place of brilliant people who are all there to lift each other higher.

I wholeheartedly recommend Project WE to anyone who wants to gain clarity on who you are and the direction you are heading; how you behave towards and think about yourself and others; what you want for today, this week, this month, this year and more. Sign up - you will not be disappointed.  

Sarah Williamson, UK

I have no hesitation in recommending Project We. It’s flexible and there really is something for everyone. The support of other ladies in the members' group and the weekly check ins really make you accountable and raise your level of consciousness. I enjoy deepening connections and getting new ideas and inspiration for self development.

For the price of two coffees a week, it’s like having your own personal development coach, along with the support of an incredible power posse. It's your perfect coaching mastermind in one awesome package!

Elaine Halligan, London

It will be a pleasure to have you as a Project WE member.




What does membership include? How does it work?

Membership includes immediate access to the Project WE Hub. Begin with the exciting Project WE Kick-Starter Programme, then choose from the growing collection of videos, audios, worksheets and tools in each of your 8 Key Life Areas. You can attend one live online workshop with me a month and watch replays of previous workshops. Project WE is designed to motivate and inspire you to be proactive about designing your dream life. It's entirely flexible so you can dip and dive into it in your own time, in your own way - with plenty of support and guidance along the journey. 

How do I connect with the Power Posse of other Project WE members?

The community come together inside of a private Facebook Group. 

If you're not on Facebook you could do what many others do and create a private account just for Project WE. This allows you to head straight into the Project WE community without other distractions. 

Many members who initially resisted the idea of getting involved in the community aspect have reported back on how surprised they are to actually love it! (It's an amazing, welcoming group and you'll feel right at home straight away.)

Should you decide not to join the community, that's absolutely fine. You’ll have access to all of the content in the main Project WE Hub and be able to take part in the monthly online workshops. This is about what works for you.

Will the membership price go up later on?

Your membership price will never increase once you join. 

Project WE memberships will increase in price for new members after September 30th. 

The price is in U.S. dollars, but I don’t live in America…

As Project WE attracts members from all over the world, including the UK, USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, it’s standard practice to price in U.S. dollars. 

You are charged the equivalent amount in your own currency at the going rate. This handy currency converter will help you to see what this is today. 

At time of publishing, $19 comes out at approximately £15 British Pounds. 

I warmly welcome you to join from where ever in the world you live!

For your peace of mind, your membership fee will be processed using Stripe and your credit or bank card details are never revealed to me nor stored by me. Stripe is a PCI Service Provider Level 1 which is the highest grade of payment processing security. Unlike PayPal, you do not need a Stripe account to pay.

We can now also accept PayPal by arrangement in USD or GBP. Email

Do you offer an Annual membership option?

Yes! If you would prefer to pay for the year ahead, you can join with annual membership. It costs $190 (roughly £150), giving you the added value of two months FREE.  The price of annual membership will increase after September 30th, so get in now by emailing to receive a special invoice for annual membership. 

What happens if I decide to cancel my membership?

If you're willing to join Project WE to see if it improves your life, there is no risk.

Whenever you'd like to cancel, you may easily do so by emailing before your next monthly payment is due. Give it a go and see what happens! 


If you’re ready to stop wasting time and to give your life the focused attention it deeply deserves, here are some choices:


  • Buy loads more personal development books. (And trust that you'll read and implement them this time.)
  • Hire a life coach. (If you can find the right one for you and want to pay much more for 1:1 support.)
  • Organise meet-ups with some like-minded friends who have a growth-mindset to work with. (Then round them up every month and hope they take it as seriously as you do.)


Join the Project WE Membership Club

and have an instant support network, a framework to follow, ongoing motivation and heaps of inspiration to create a life you love!


If you’re still unsure about spending around .65 cents a day on this, have a little think about
whatever else you’d drop money on without a second thought. (Helllllo Starbucks....)

Project WE is like Netflix for your life.
A gym membership for your soul!

This is an important investment in you and you’re worth it.

Won’t it feel amazing to look back one day at how your life is now and to see how far you’ve come? 

Join now to receive a price-freeze membership rate of $19 USD per month.

Here's ALL of the above in a tight nutshell:

Project WE is a private online membership club for women with a growth-mindset who want to step out of auto-pilot and create a life they love.

Learn how to manage  your time and energy better, get into positive habits and become the best version of yourself. 



If you've read the FAQ section above and still have questions, contact me directly by clicking here. I'm happy to help.  - Kelly x


If you're brand new to Project Me and don't know me yet, come over to and download the free Project Me Life Wheel® to understand the framework behind all of this. It's changing lives and it could be yours next!