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New Members Warmly Welcomed!

*Membership price is increasing from May 1st. Join now to get the price freeze!

Everyone's path is different, but we all need support to keep moving forward.

Imagine waking up filled with positive energy about your day ahead.
You've got some consistent routines that work for you.
You're focused on solutions, rather than problems, and you've got an empowered sense of 'I've got this!'

It feels so good to know your biggest priorities and to be moving ahead in the right direction with flow and ease.


Project WE is an online membership club for women with a growth-mindset who want to step out of auto-pilot and consciously create a life they love. 

I’m Kelly Pietrangeli, your guide and mentor in Project WE.

I know how challenging it is to stay on track with your goals and intentions when there are always so many distractions and competing priorities.

That's why I created Project WE:

A central HUB to access all of the best trainings, tools and resources in one easy place + a motivational community for keeping you on track.

It's been incredible to see the beautiful transformations in women's lives, especially during the challenges over this past year. Project WE has kept members positive and focused on the good throughout the whole of 2020 and now into 2021.

Come and join in to see the positive difference it'll make to your life!


Project WE


Amazing things happen when ME becomes WE!

Find encouragement, support, share resources + accountability to stay on track. Openly celebrate your big and small wins. We're here to cheer you on!

Together we will lift each other HIGHER!


Using the Project Me framework, you'll be prompted to do your all-important Project Me Life Wheel® check-in each month to find your focus and set your intentions.

Head to the members' HUB for resources, video trainings and exclusive worksheets covering health, fitness, relationships, parenting, career, money, time management, personal growth - whatever needs your focus each month.


 finally find your focus

so you move forward with confidence

become infinitely better at managing your time and energy

find a happier balance

by following a consistent monthly process of checking in with all areas of your life


with other like-minded women who will cheer for your wins and support your challenges

become a magnet

for attracting amazing things into your life by keeping your vibrations high

build a life you love

that makes you excited to start each new day

Join a monthly live workshop!


Take part in our virtual workshops from anywhere in the world. Each month covers a fresh topic, often featuring guest experts and small-group breakout rooms for further discussions. Workshops are recorded and playbacks live in the HUB so you can catch any that you've missed.

We also run a VIRTUAL BOOK CLUB - included with membership! 

Month-to-Month Plan

Recurring Payment

Cancel Anytime

No Commitment

$19 USD

or £15 GBP

*Membership price is going up from May 1st. Join now to get the price freeze!

Annual Plan

Recurring Payment

Cancel Anytime

Get 2 Months for FREE

$190 USD

or £150 GBP

*Membership price is going up from May 1st. Join now to get the price freeze!

A portion of all  Project WE profits goes to charities that support women who are facing incredibly difficult challenges. By helping yourself to feel happier, you are at the same time helping another woman to feed her family, escape domestic violence or to fulfil a dream of her own.

Women supporting women is what we're all about. 




What does membership include? 

Membership includes immediate access to the Project WE Members' HUB. Begin with the Project WE Kick-Starter Programme, then choose from the growing collection of videos, audios, worksheets and tools in each of your 8 Key Life Areas.

Members vote for the date/time of our monthly live workshops. All workshop replays go into the Members' HUB so you can watch any you've missed, including dozens already there on a range of topics. 

It's entirely flexible so you can dip and dive into it in your own time, in your own way - with no pressures to 'keep up' and plenty of positive encouragement along the way.

How do I connect with Kelly & the Project WE members?

The community come together inside of a private Facebook Group. 

If you're not on Facebook you could do what several others do and create a private account just for Project WE. This allows you to head straight into the Project WE community without other distractions. 

Many members who initially resisted the idea of getting involved in the community aspect have reported back on how surprised they are to actually love it!

Should you decide not to join the community, that's absolutely fine. You’ll have access to all of the content in the main Project WE HUB and can take part in the monthly online workshops. This is about what works for you.

Will the membership price go up later on?

Membership price is about to increase. (I'm always told it's too cheap for all you get and potential new members may not understand how valuable it is!) Even when the price increases for new members, your membership will always be the price it was when you joined. You will absolutely never pay more than the low price it currently is when you join now.

Can I join from anywhere in the world?

Absolutely! Project WE attracts English speaking members from all over the world. From small villages to big cities - it's fun to find common ground with women all over this globe.  A quality everyone shares is kindness. 


 How are payments taken?

For your peace of mind, your membership fee will be processed using Stripe and your card details are never revealed to us nor stored by us. Unlike PayPal, you do not need a Stripe account to pay.  You may choose $USD or £GBP.

*Note: We now also accept PayPal by arrangement in USD or GBP! Email and we will set you up quickly.

What happens if I decide to cancel my membership?

If you're willing to join Project WE to see if it improves your life, there is no risk.

Cancelling is quick and easy with the month to month option. Give it a go and see how you like it! 


Step out of auto-pilot and give your life the focused attention it deeply deserves.

You'll have an instant support network, a framework to follow, ongoing motivation and heaps of inspiration to create a life you love!

Members are loving these bonus Productivity & Time Management trainings.
Normally sold separately for $19 each - both are included in Project WE membership!

Evernote Training
Quit drowning in paperwork - and eliminate browser bookmarks too!

Evernote Training

Trello Training to
Master Your To-Do List

This is how I organise ALL of my tasks and projects. Members say this alone is worth joining!

Trello Training

Don't miss our special online workshop this month! 

Project WE April Workshop: Marie Forleo's Everything Is Figureoutable

Join us for a very hands-on workshop where we will delve into Eliminating Excuses! You're going to get honest about any flimsy excuses that are holding you back in life and reclaim your power to make positive changes that will move you forward. Be prepared to dig in and get your hands dirty.

This is inspired by Marie Forleo's book, 'Everything Is Figureoutable'. Several members read this book for our very first Book Club (the replay is available in the members' HUB) and more are reading the book now, but you do not have to read the book to attend this workshop. I'll put you into smaller breakout rooms for some powerful discussions.

Got any questions? Contact me directly by clicking here. I'm happy to help.  - Kelly x


If you're brand new to Project Me, come over to and download the free Project Me Life Wheel® to understand the framework behind all of this. It's changing a lot of lives and it could be yours next!