A Magic Box of Potions – Bach Flower Remedies for You and Your Family

A Magic Box of Potions – Bach Flower Remedies for You and Your Family
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How would you like a magic box of potions that cured all of your emotional ups and downs?

Feeling gloomy? A few drops on your tongue can brighten you up. Nervous and apprehensive? Take some as a confidence booster. Dithering and can’t make up your mind? There’s one to help you feel decisive.

I possess this box of magic potions. My husband (the least ‘woo woo’ kind of guy you’ll ever meet) bought it for me.

He saw for himself how well they work for emotional states ranging from lethargy to resentment and we even gave some to our cat to combat jealousy when our first baby was born.

 I decided I wanted to learn more and so did a few courses at the Bach Institute in London.

Bach Flower Remedies are a collection of different natural ‘potions’ that deal with emotional, rather than physical challenges. The most popular is Rescue Remedy which comes in a spray bottle and is a staple in any woman’s handbag. Dubbed ‘yoga in a bottle’, it’s safe, non-addictive and will save you from a mama meltdown when the going gets tough.

One of my favourite examples of their power is when my son was five and had a fear of using the bathroom at school. His teacher would discreetly hand me a plastic bag containing his soiled underwear at the end of the day. He was afraid of the ‘big boys’ and that the lock on the door wouldn’t work, so he refused to go.

I gave him some Bach Remedies:

Mimulus for fear and Larch for confidence. He wasn’t even aware I was putting a few drops into his juice each morning.

Several days later, his teacher asked to meet with me. She was concerned about a sudden change in behaviour and asked if there was anything going on at home which might be affecting him. I couldn’t think of anything and asked her to elaborate. It seemed he went from being afraid to being the king of the bathroom. He went there frequently, beating on the doors and making water fights!

His teacher said he was normally so mild-mannered and sensible, but now she could only describe him as ‘over-confident’. Whoops. I told her about the Bach Remedies and she pleaded ‘Can you stop giving them to him now please?’

The lesson I learned is that you need to monitor the results and stop once the negative emotion subsides.

Skeptics will argue the placebo effect and I say: If it works, it works – I don’t really care how. But I’m convinced it’s not all in the head as I’ve effectively used them with animals and children who’ve had no idea they were taking them.

Bach Flower Remedies for Beginners by David Vennells is an excellent guide to each of remedies with a description of the relevant remedy for any emotional symptom. My own copy is well worn, dog-eared and serves as my main reference for dosing out the magic potions.

  • Moving house? New baby? Starting a different job? Walnut is the remedy for smooth transitions and change.

  • Persistent unwanted thoughts whirling around in your head? White Chestnut brings mental relief.

  • Got that ‘Monday morning feeling’? Hornbeam helps for regaining enthusiasm and overcoming procrastination.

  • Physically and mentally exhausted? Olive is the remedy for improved vitality and energy.

The list goes on. There are 38 of these little wonders. They’re sold worldwide at pharmacists and health food stores without prescription. You won’t need the whole collection, only the ones that feel right for you. Take a few drops in water throughout the day until you notice the improvement. Often it can be instant.

Have you ever tried Bach Flower Remedies? Share your experiences in the comments below.

Kelly Pietrangeli

Kelly Pietrangeli

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12 Responses to A Magic Box of Potions – Bach Flower Remedies for You and Your Family

  1. Debbie says:

    Kelly told me about these remedies, so I picked up some gum at a drugstore while visiting London. I was going through the stressful period of getting my driver’s license in Spain. It worked – I passed!!

    • Thanks Debbie – I’d completely forgotten that Bach Rescue Remedy now comes in chewing gum form!

      Back when I took my UK driving test they didn’t have the gum yet and I’m sure my tester was questioning why I was taking a sneaky final spray just before we began! Maybe he thought I was freshening my breath… Rescue Remedy is excellent for calming pre-exam nerves!

      Congrats on passing your exam! 🙂

  2. Georgina says:

    I always have Rescue Remedy with me!!!

    • Hi Georgina – yes, that’s the Mother Tincture and the one to pull out of the bag (literally) anytime you’re losing the plot! (The trick is remembering to take it BEFORE you’ve fully lost the plot!)

  3. Nikki says:

    I loooove Rescue Remedy…just gives me a balanced feeling! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Jamie Billimoria says:

    Hi i’ve been taking rescue remedy along with homeopathy for flights due to my severe claustrophobia.. It’s really helped me a great deal at such times.. When you take rescue remedy you may think ‘why isn’t this working?’ but then within 20 minutes you’ll forget that you even were stressed!
    I’ve just started a combination of Larch for my low self confidence, rock water so I can find it easier to unwind and break away from my schedule without feeling guilty and white chestnut to get rid of unwanted thoughts and help me focus..

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  7. […] Bach Flower Remedies. Hornbeam for that ‘Monday morning feeling’ or even Gentian or Gorse for despondency. These always work a treat for me, so why didn’t I try it?  […]

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