Fitting in fitness around motherhood and life

How to Fit In Fitness Around Motherhood and Life

Can you relate to any of this around health and fitness?

★ You want to improve your health and fitness, but you lack energy or don’t know where to start.

★ You need fresh inspiration to prepare and cook healthy meals every day. 

★ Time is tight and it’s hard to fit fitness into your busy life. 

★ You’ve had a baby and you’re not sure what’s safe and what’s not. 

I’m excited to connect you with one of my amazing online buddies, Vicky Warr. Vicky is the creator of Bump & Beyond, an online health and fitness studio aimed at helping mothers with babies and children of all ages to get fit, healthy and to specifically get their tummy muscles back safely.  

I know how time-strapped you are, so rather than a video interview this time, I’ve put this into a written format to make it quick and easy for you. 

Kelly speaks to Vicky Warr about How to Fit In In Fitness Around Motherhood and Life

Kelly:  I’ve been a big fan of yours for several years now and so many women have thanked me for introducing them to you and your online programmes. Now you’ve put together the most incredible membership that includes both pre-recorded and LIVE video classes, plus a whole treasure trove of quick family recipes. I’m actually quite blown away by what you’ve put together and I want to help more people to know about this!

Vicky: Thank you! My mission is to help mothers feel fit and strong throughout motherhood and specifically to help flatten their tummies after pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Many women struggle to do this, even years after having their children and it’s because the body changes and it requires careful healing and re-structuring. Many women rush back to inappropriate exercise in an effort to get back to “normal” or into their pre-pregnancy jeans. However, this often means they make the wrong exercise choices for their body and they don’t strengthen or get the desired result.

I have over 18 years experience in the fitness industry and I’ve specialised in helping pregnant women, new mothers and mothers with young children get their tummy muscles back, feel strong and toned up safely and effectively. Whilst holistic, the results are amazing; women have lost between 2 to 5 inches (or more) from their waistlines and seen their tummies change shape!


Kelly: What would you say to new mums who want to get back to the gym or join a bootcamp style class after having their baby?

Vicky: I’d say STOP! When your body has been through pregnancy and childbirth, no matter when that was, you need very specific targeted exercises to heal, strengthen and re-structure your tummy muscles, pelvic floor and core not to mention if you had a c-section and need to reactivate the muscles.

A general fitness, pilates or yoga class won’t do this; they are general and for everyone so the exercises don’t target or show you the right technique to re-activate the stretched, weakened muscles.


Kelly: Many people take on gym memberships they never use. There’s the whole getting yourself there, finding parking, packing a change of clothes if you’re going to shower there. (I often forget to pack something I need, like a clean pair of knickers!) It can all feel like too much some days.  Especially if you’re a mother who needs childcare too. With your online membership, all of those excuses are busted. We don’t have to leave the house!

Share what you do to make sure that even with convenient home fitness, women actually use their membership to Bump & Beyond?

Vicky: Within the membership there are three parts: MOVE, NOURISH and ENCOURAGE.

ENCOURAGE features a done-for-you monthly calendar which lays out which video to do and on which day, which helps hugely with planning in the exercise to make sure you do it.  The LIVE video classes are at set times so you’re more likely to schedule them in and attend. My weekly motivation email includes a Video of the Week plus the video class timetable and my mindset tips.  There are 30-day challenges and also a private group on Facebook with my extra support and Q and A’s personally answered. 


Kelly: When I compare all of this to most gym memberships, it feels like SO much for much less money! I suppose you don’t have all of the overhead costs that a gym has, although it’s obvious how much energy you put into it all.  You offer amazing encouragement and support, written activities to keep intentions and goals front of mind, and your nutritional advice and recipes are worth the membership price alone. It’s clear that you feel incredibly passionate about this.

I’d love to know, how do you fit in fitness with two young school-age children and running a business full time? What type of exercise plan do you follow? 

Vicky: I get up early and do my exercise before everyone else gets up. I exercise at home as I don’t want to spend precious time travelling as that is more time I can spend doing the exercise! I have my equipment (which I keep simple) in a storage box next to where I exercise in my living room.

It’s a lovely space that I look forward to going to each day, so I keep it tidy to minimise distractions. I spend just 20 minutes doing my strength exercises which are the most effective way to tone up. I follow either my videos or a dynamic pilates routine. I also walk for essential daily movement! 


Thank you Vicky. I am genuinely delighted to be an ambassador for Bump & Beyond and help the women who need this to know it exists.

Click this link to find everything that’s included in Bump & Beyond and how to get started with two different levels of membership.Bump & Beyond Ambassador - health and fitness

*I’ve always believed in transparency so I wish to disclose that I may receive an affiliate commission on referrals using my link at no extra cost to you.  My goal with this blog is to educate you with the possibilities that exist to improve all areas of your life and I only recommend products and services that I have personally investigated and I believe will be of great service to you. 

In the comments below, tell Vicky what your biggest barrier is to getting into the shape you’d love to be in. She’s happy to answer any of your questions. 

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  1. Brenda on August 9, 2019 at 5:28 PM

    My biggest barrier / excuse is always time but I do know that we make time for what is actually important to us. I don’t want to wait until my health suffers before I get my rear in gear so this has motivated me to get to the gym that I pay a membership for and don’t use. I will also look into Vicky’s online option here and make a decision on which option feels like it will work long term for me. Thank you for another great one Kelly!

    • Kelly Pietrangeli on September 10, 2019 at 1:37 PM

      I’m thrilled that this post is kick-starting your return to the gym Brenda! Motivation comes and goes – we need these kinds of BOOSTS to wake us up when it’s waning. Yes DO look at Vicky’s online membership as it really is the ticket to ongoing, consistent fitness motivation! xx

    • Vicky Warr on September 13, 2019 at 1:05 PM

      Hello Brenda! You are SO right – we make time for our priorities. Many people do not prioritise their health or see the link between eating healthy + daily movement/activity + exercise (of the right kind) for better health overall. Better health doesn’t mean a weekly or twice-weekly trip to the gym. The food we eat is equally important as good quality processed food gives us the nutrients and vitamins we need for our bodies to perform optimally. My online health and fitness studio offers far more than the gym! Not only is it targeted to mothers; all my workouts are time efficient – 20 to 30 minutes with no travel time so you get it done… plus there are over 150 delicious family-friendly recipes and done-for-you healthy shopping lists and meal plans and a community to inspire and motivate and where I pop in with my weekly tips and monthly live Q and A’s! My method is holistic, there is absolutely no dieting, and no boot’s great exercise for mothers that makes you feel good (at convenient times) and healthy delicious food.
      Do check it out here:

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