The Boom Cycle Project Me Mama Ride

The Boom Cycle + Project Me Mama Ride!

Stuck in a fitness rut? Looking to inject some FUN into your workouts? Sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone and shake things up!

Last year my local gym closed down and rather than jump into another membership,  I decided to check out some of the drop-in options that are springing up around town. I was especially keen to try out a spinning studio and see how it compared to the one I’d gone to in New York a few years ago.  My husband and I had gone together and absolutely loved it. The room was dark, the music a-MAZING and the instructor (Rique from Soul Cycle in TriBeca) was phenomenal! It was like having a motivational life coach cheering us on for 45 minutes and we left positively buzzing.

It didn’t hurt that I had Bradley Cooper on one side of me and my hubby had Katie Holmes on the other…  After that experience I couldn’t go back to doing a normal spinning class at my gym ever again. I was ruined.

So with my gym now closed, I was excited to see that a brand new spinning studio, BOOM Cycle, was opening up in my ‘hood. I eagerly headed there with my husband and we were not disappointed. It had all of the low lights, cool music, motivational instructor stuff going on and we were immediately hooked.

We convinced our teenagers to give it a try. They also loved it and now we go regularly as a family. ‘The family that spins together, WINS together!’ as the instructor Haydn loves to say when we all show up together for his class.

Here are all of the life areas that Boom Cycle ticks for me:

✔ Health (Obviously.)

✔ Fun (Seriously!)

✔ Personal Growth (The instructors feed you with positive affirmations to push through your self-limiting beliefs and reach your goals.)

✔ Love (Hubby and I go together on ‘spinning dates’.)

✔ Family (Getting teenagers to do something with you isn’t always easy, but they want to come to Boom Cycle with us!)

✔ Friends (I’ve been getting other friends to give it a spin with me – pun intended – which ticks off the Friendship box too.)

So now it’s my mission to get you Project Me mamas over there for a fun and motivational morning together to I can tick off the ✔ Work area too!

The Boom Cycle / Project Me Mama Ride!

WHEN? Tuesday 27 February

WHERE: Boom Cycle Hammersmith – 10 Hammersmith Grove, London W6 7AP

ARRIVE by 9:15am to put your stuff in a locker (no lock required, they have codes), pick up your special shoes, and head up to the studio to get your bike seat into position (help is on hand).

OUR 45 MINUTE RIDE STARTS AT 9:30am! woo-hoo! I chose Naomi White as our instructor as I know you’ll love her divine feminine energy. She’s deeply nurturing and highly motivational.

After the ride, still high on endorphins, we’ll gather together in the juice bar downstairs to download about the experience. You can grab a quick shower if you wish (towels and REN toiletries are complimentary) or stay sweaty like me!

At 10:30am I’ll give a 30 minute talk and Q&A about my new book, Project Me for Busy Mothers: A Practical Guide to Finding a Happier Balance. We’ll focus on the Health & Wellbeing chapter and I’ll share my best strategies for fitting fitness into your busyness and leave you with some tools and actions sheets that will inspire you in this very important area of your life.

Spaces are limited – BOOK YOUR TICKETS IN ADVANCE.

Ticket price is £25 and includes a signed copy of my book.

Do I have to be a mama to join in? OF COURSE NOT – EVERYONE IS WARMLY WELCOME.

Can I bring my friends? HELL YEAH!! The more the merrier.

Can I come alone? ABSOLUTELY! This is a great way to connect and meet new people.

Do I have to be super fit or experienced at spinning? NOPE. You can adjust your speed and resistance to suit your level of fitness. The more you do it, the fitter you get. If you’ve never done spinning before, step out of your comfort zone and try something new. You might just surprise yourself.

If you have other questions, use the comments box below – or contact me here.

Web booking at Boom Cycle are now OPEN! Go to the Hammersmith booking page > Tuesday 27 February > 9:30am Project Me Mama Ride and book your bike HERE.

You can also call the Hammersmith studio on 0203 794 0133. 

I’m excited to see you there!

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