Summer Planning for Parents and Kids

Summer Planning for Parents and Kids
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I used to begin each summer with a fresh sense of optimism. But it wouldn’t take long for the novelty to wear off. I got so sick of feeling like the chief entertainer / housekeeper / cook and negotiator. My kids began to tune out my nagging voice, especially my half-hearted attempts to get them off electronics. Or to read, do summer homework or help out around the house.

I finally figured out that I needed a summer strategy. A game plan going in so I could navigate the school break without losing my marbles. And you know what? It works! My summers keep getting better and better. And I’m pretty sure my kids feel the same way. I mean who wouldn’t prefer to hang with a happy mama?!

Whether you’ve got a full summer schedule of plans, travels or activities to organise OR you work and need to figure out how to balance it all OR you want to free-style your summer days and play it all by ear, it’s worth getting clear about what you want out of summer for yourself and your kids.

That’s why I’ve created the Summer Strategy Kit – 24 gorgeous printables to help you cruise through the summer months without losing your cool too often.

Here’s a little glimpse of some of the printables for YOU…

Summer Strategy Planners

And there are plenty for the kids too.

Not Board BoardHelp them to create a Not Bored Board of ideas of things they can do at home (preferably by themselves or with a friend/sibling) so you can be getting on with other things. Like putting your feet up with a magazine….  Of course you’ll reward them later with your sweet company. And because you’ve had some ME time, you’ll be more fun to be around!

Rules & Rewards






Call a summer Family Meeting and come up with agreed rules and brainstorm some reward ideas. Rewards don’t have to cost money. They can be things you’d normally hand out anyway, but this time you’ll turn them into the special treats they are. Use these fun printables and post the rules and rewards somewhere visible – like the fridge door! If you have more than one child, they can each have their own set of rules and rewards.

If your kids need to keep up with summer reading, homework or instrument practice (and you always forget to keep on top of it), this is the summer you’ll all turn over a new leaf!


Listen, summers are not all about list making, expectations and charts. These are tools to support your family so the non-negotiable stuff that needs to happen gets done, and you’ll have more time (and headspace) to kick back and enjoy the ride.


This kit is your toolbox to kick-start your best summer yet.

Get the Summer Strategy Kit Here!


In the comments below, tell me – do things run better for you and your family with a bit of structure? Do you want to approach summer with a pro-active game plan?

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Kelly Pietrangeli

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15 Responses to Summer Planning for Parents and Kids

  1. Catarina says:

    Kelly these look amazing. What a fabulous idea! As always, you’re one step ahead of the game 🙂

    • Awww – thanks Catarina. Everything I do here is always based on experience – and having a summer strategy has changed my summers for the GOOD!! Hope this helps others too 🙂

  2. Helen Butler says:

    Wow Kelly you’re AMAZING!!! I will definitely share this kit on my Facebook page. Well done!

    • Thanks so much Helen! I know it’s not summer there in Australia where you live – but you can keep it in your back pocket and be FULLY prepared for when the time comes. Plus many of these can be used year-round 🙂

  3. Rhiannon says:

    Such an awesome and generous gift Kelly! Love them. Xo

  4. Thanks for your very lovely comment Leah! And thanks for getting in touch about the problem you were having.

    It turns out you didn’t quite understand that even though you’re already a subscriber to my Monday Motivator newsletter you still needed to pop your name and email address into the box in this blog post. It’s a different list for the SSKit!

    But I have spotted your name on the list now so I know you’re good to go. Happy planning! 🙂

  5. Christine says:

    We officially begin summer vacation on Thursday and I can’t wait to see how this summer grows beautiful memories and discipline (boy do I need some)!

  6. Jen Hemphill says:

    Wow! What perfect timing Kelly, this is golden!

  7. Louisa says:

    Hiya Kelly, thanks so much for hosting the summer strategy workshop last week. It was just what I needed. Really special – like a mini day-retreat! I’m telling all my friends about this kit, and hope they will take the time to download it and work through it (preferably with friends, superfood nibbles, citrus water/fruity teas and woo-woo water!) I reckon it’s a total game-changer, but I’ll confirm that in September! 😉

    • Louisa, it was such a pleasure to have you here and I’m glad you enjoyed it so much! Huge thanks for telling your friends about the Summer Strategy Kit and please report back after the summer. Have a smooth one! 🙂

  8. Sara says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my summer strategy kit and want to thank you for making it! It gave me the focus I needed to sit down and figure so many things out. I love the email series that goes with it. You are so inspiring and I love how you always turn your struggles around, find solutions and then share them with all of us. Huge thanks! 🙂

    • Well I love love LOVE your comment Sara! Thanks for this great feedback. Setting aside some ‘figure it out time’ is always the key. Wishing you a smooth and happy summer ahead! 🙂 xx

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