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Johnny Depp, Beyonce and a Baby: Building A Dream Life With Goal Setting

Johnny Depp, Beyonce and a Baby: Building A Dream Life With Goal Setting
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When my cousin and I were teenagers, we were hanging out at my grandparents farm in Minnesota, dreaming about how great our future lives were going to be.

My big plan involved living in California with an ocean view, driving a convertible and working in Hollywood.

I’d never even been on an airplane in my life, much less visited California…

He was going to start a business, be his own boss, and design and build his dream house with his own two hands.

Our uncle overheard us from the other room and came in with a suggestion. Why didn’t we write our dream predictions down so we could see later if they turned out? He then taped our predictions to the back of the picture hanging above the kitchen table where we were sitting.

Fast forward several years. I’m in my early 20’s and I’ve just arrived home from work. Sorting through a pile of mail, I find a letter from my grandmother in Minnesota.

She writes to tell me that while the farmhouse kitchen was being repainted, they discovered the notes my cousin and I had written.

I looked up from her letter and gazed out my living room window. An enormous orange sunset was dipping into the Pacific Ocean.

I’d just driven home from work in my Volkswagen Golf convertible. My job? Working as Johnny Depp’s press assistant in Hollywood.

Meanwhile, my cousin had started his own successful heating and refrigeration business and had just designed and built his dream house.

This woke me up to the amazing power of having a dream and writing it down like it’s really gonna happen! 

The second pivotal moment in my goal setting journey came along soon after that.

Johnny Depp decided to leave the TV show that had turned him into a teen heartthrob sensation. I thought he was nuts [more]

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping for Mothers

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping for Mothers
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Have you heard of Tapping yet? It’s also known as EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique.

You lightly tap certain points on your face and body to watch fears and anxiety disappear.

Sounds kind of woo-woo wacky, right? Read on…

I first heard about tapping when I watched a video about it by my business mentor Marie Forleo.

I found it fascinating but at the time I wasn’t experiencing any fears or anxiety, so I put it in my back pocket for another time.

Then a lovely Project Me follower, Diana Tower, got in touch to offer me a free Tapping for Mothers session via Skype. Diana specialises in helping overwhelmed, stressed out mamas clear their minds, get out of their own way and feel happier and calm. What I found particularly interesting is her ability to help mothers with fears and anxieties.

The timing was perfect. I had our annual family ski trip coming up and I knew I needed a strategy to help me cope.

Weirdly, my anxiety was getting worse every year and I risked passing on my fears to my kids as they witnessed me freeze up (and dissolve into tears) on the slopes.

We had our next ski trip to Switzerland in two weeks time and I suddenly decided NOW was the time to try this tapping thing!

And just one session was all I needed. It was some kind of small miracle.

After completing a pre-session survey, Diana had the information she needed to get started.

She advised me to have a box of tissues handy for when my emotions let loose, but nothing prepared me for [more]

An Attitude of Gratitude (It’s Not Just For Thanksgiving)

An Attitude of Gratitude (It’s Not Just For Thanksgiving)
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When I was a child, the concept of gratitude was simply about going through the motions of saying ‘thank you’ (and ‘please’) and writing thank you letters for gifts.

It was more about showing good manners than cultivating an inner feeling of gratitude. It’s only now that I understand its true power.

Gratitude is much more than saying the words ‘thank you’. It’s a feeling deep inside.

If you practice gratitude a little, your life will change a bit. If you practice gratitude a lot, your life will change dramatically.  (click to tweet) 

My awakening to this life-changing concept came in the form of a book called The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. With over 21 million copies sold, translated into 47 languages, you may have heard of it or read it yourself by now.

Love it or hate it (there seem to be two camps), I’m firmly on the ‘love it’ side. I first heard about the book in 2007 when it was about to be launched in the UK.  I read a cutting review calling the book ‘very American’ and accusing it of being ‘full of nonsense about the power of positivity’.

I thought…. Hey, that’s my kind of book! 

I’ve read it several times and can open it to any page and find something to immediately apply to my day.

It’s very much about attracting good things into your life by having a positive outlook. I’ve bought countless copies for friends and family. (It’s no wonder it remains a bestseller.) It’s short and sweet and a great introduction for people who don’t normally read this kind of thing.

I didn’t hesitate to buy Rhonda’s follow-up book, ‘The Magic’. It’s written as a 28-day plan and involves reading a short chapter and doing a written exercise each morning.[more]

Monthly Inspirational Book Give-Away

Monthly Inspirational Book Give-Away
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Happy Birthday to Project Meeeeee!!!! Two years old now! 

I pinch myself when I think of what a long way it’s come in that short-ish time and what a loyal bunch of (rapidly growing!) international followers Project Me has.

I’ve decided to run a prize give-away every month to one of my fabulously loyal subscribers!

How would you like to win one of my favourite books from my We Love page?

Here’s how it’ll work.

On the first Monday of every month [more]

My Date With Deepak

My Date With Deepak
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I woke up this morning excited to start my day. You’d be too if you had a date with Deepak.

I was first introduced to Deepak Chopra 15 years ago in a dusty, used book shop in London. ‘The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success for Parents‘ seemed to jumped off the shelf and into my hands.

My first son was just a tiny baby and Deepak’s words had a profound effect on how I decided to raise my kids. I wanted them to learn from a young age that anything is possible with pure desire and intention. The book gave me a tool to help explain these concepts to my children – and to better understand them myself.

Every parent wants their child to achieve success in life, yet most are teaching them that in order to succeed they must persist against disappointments, obstacles and setbacks. They must compete to be the best, survive against inevitable struggles and behave in order to earn approval.

Success achieved by struggle may bring good things to us, but the inner fulfilment we seek from those things will be lacking.

I went on to read more of his books, starting with the original ‘Seven Spiritual Laws of Success’, then ‘Synchro Destiny’ and ‘Ageless Mind, Ageless Body’. When the scientific evidence got way too deep for me, I just skimmed those parts and took in the message behind the science. Deepak taught me to open my mind to unlimited potential.

For a few years we drifted apart. I never completely forgot him, but new teachers came into my life to reinforce and refine my views.

I’m back together with Deepak now. A friend reintroduced us two years ago.


3 Steps To Your Best Summer Yet!

3 Steps To Your Best Summer Yet!
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Long summer breaks can be a bag of mixed emotions. On the one hand there’s sweet freedom from early morning starts, rushing and routines. Eating breakfast in your PJ’s. Lunch and dinner whenever anyone’s hungry. Letting the kids live in the same swim suit for days on end. (Hey – it saves on laundry.) 

On the flip-side, you’re on full-time mama duty. Your normal daily schedule’s thrown totally out of whack and you’re missing that vital me time. One day morphs into another and after a while you’ve completely lost the plot.

A few years ago I decided not to let the summer holidays feel like a roller coaster ride of happiness and hassles. I broke out my notebook and created a strategy for my Best Summer Yet.

And it worked! Getting clear about what I actually wanted was the key to guiding it in the right direction. It’s become an annual ritual and my summers keep getting better and better.[more]

Are You An Introvert?

Are You An Introvert?
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I’ve always thought of introverts as being wallflowers. Shy, quiet and preferring their own company.

I’m certainly no wallflower. I’ve got plenty of friends, have a very loud voice and have been known to dance on tables after a few tequilas.

But I’ve got introverted tendencies that have taken me years to understand.[more]

How To Create A Toolbox of Calm

How To Create A Toolbox of Calm
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Back when my kids were very little, life felt hectic and out of control. I was shouting at them way too much and I desperately wanted to be a more peaceful, loving mother.

I decided to create a Toolbox of Calm. Something I could quickly access when I felt a full-blown Mama Meltdown coming on.

I filled a cardboard box with emergency supplies:

CDs of feel-good music, meditations, card decks containing words of wisdom and mantras for mothers, a candle, crystals and stones that felt soothing in my hands. (Even though I know nothing about crystals and stones!)

Toolbox of Calm for Mothers

Plus my essential bottle of Bach Rescue Remedy. (They don’t call it Yoga in a Bottle for nothing. If you haven’t got any, good grief – get your hands on some now!)


I kept my Toolbox of Calm under my bed.

When I felt myself spiralling out of control, I’d give myself a Mama Time-Out.[more]

How To Be A More Peaceful, Loving Mother

How To Be A More Peaceful, Loving Mother
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Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You love personal and spiritual growth, but you don’t make it a regular part of your day.
  • You want to experience the calm and peace you read about in all the books you buy, but instead you feel overwhelmed and disconnected.
  • You know your life would be better if you took time to meditate (or do yoga or journal), but you’ve already got too much on your plate.
  • You’re not looking for a major life overhaul. You want to do something small and simple that will improve the quality of your life now.

If the words above resonated with you, you’re not alone.

My online business buddy Peggy Freeh printed this on her website and it made me sit up straight and listen to what she has to say.

I’m one of those mamas who wants to be more mindful and self-aware. I crave personal growth and know that when I give this part of my life the attention it deserves I’m a much more peaceful and loving mother.

When my soul is being fed, I can begin to see life beyond the laundry pile. I feel less hard-done-by. I’m also a better wife, friend – human being. I eat better, I take care of myself. I’m fun! I have more to give and I feel so much happier.

I used to buy all of the inspirational books and I genuinely wanted to put all of the great things I read into my daily life, but then things would get hectic and I’d slip back into my old ways. I knew what I was capable of if I’d only stay focused on the positive! It wasn’t easy.

One area I knew I needed to work on was my mornings. I was a B.I.T.C.H. of a mother in the early hours and my poor kids bore the brunt of it. I’d wake up and immediately begin barking at them to get up, get dressed and have breakfast so I could get them to school on time.

I remember dropping them off at the school gates, then putting my head on the steering wheel and crying. I wanted to be patient and kind, but there was something about being on mama duty from the moment I opened my bleary eyes that made it so damn hard for me to be nice.

My saving grace was [more]

Be The Best Version Of You

Be The Best Version Of You
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Are you a calm creature in your yoga class, then get home and yell at your kids?

Do you ever read an inspirational book or blog and think, “Yes! That makes total sense, and I’m going to start doing that!” Then life gets busy and it never quite happens?

Do you ever feel like you’re two different people living in the same body? Saying one thing, doing another?

Me too.

I wrote about this in a guest blog on Tiny Buddha last week titled ‘How to Be Your Best Version of You a Lot More Often’.

It received a huge response from women all over the world. It seems I’m not the only one who suffers from this Jekyll and Hyde affliction.

Thankfully I’ve discovered a way to become more even keeled. It involves figuring out what brings out my best and worst qualities so I can bring more (or less) triggers into (or out of) my life.

Of course, as the Queen of Getting It Out of Your Head and Onto Paper, I’ve created a printable Action Sheet to help you brainstorm what brings out your best and worst so you can hatch a simple plan to be your Best Self more often.

Grab the Best Version of Me Action Sheet here!

A greater sense of self-awareness is always the key to unlocking more happiness and fullfillment. Once you understand what makes you tick (and what ticks you off!) you can be your Best Self more consistently.

I know that my Best Version of Me is kind, loving, patient, calm, positive, playful and fun! But it’s hard to be any of those things when I’m overwhelmed, rushed, running late, tired or don’t have enough ME time.[more]

How to Stay Calm When Your Child Gets Angry

How to Stay Calm When Your Child Gets Angry
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How can we help our children when they are angry, frustrated, disappointed, or sad?

The key is to start by staying calm. We don’t need to argue, defend, or join them in their emotional upheaval. Instead, it’s important we just breathe, relax, and stay grounded.

It’s not easy, I know.

Feeling frustrated or angry with our children is often the reaction we have when we’re on autopilot. Accessing our inner calm takes awareness and practice. We need to create the space to choose a more helpful response. How can we do this?

Call it whatever you want—meditation, quiet time, nothingness, breathing, relaxation, sitting in stillness. It isn’t the term that matters, but actually taking the time to practice what the term points to.

You don’t have to take a class or buy a bunch of books before you can practice becoming quiet. Not that I’m against either classes or books. It’s just that they aren’t essential. I’ve studied many different types of formal meditation, and I know many who swear by a certain teacher or practice. But for me, trying to follow specific guidelines turned out to be a distraction.

Now, I simply [more]

How To Make Time For What Matters

How To Make Time For What Matters
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Most busy mamas agree that there are just never enough hours in the day to get it all done. Can you relate? 

Last week in my Monday Motivator newsletter I gave out this little written assignment to my lovely subscribers. Please join in!

Grab a piece of paper (or create a note on your phone) and write down three things you don’t have time for. Just the first three things that come to mind.

1. I don’t have time for _________________________________________.

2. I don’t have time for _________________________________________.

3. I don’t have time for _________________________________________.

Once you’ve done that, read on. (no peeking!)


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