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Personal Growth

Personal Growth is one petal on the Life Wheel, yet all of Project Me centres around your personal development. It’s easier to navigate life when you understand yourself better. You’re a much more peaceful and loving mother when your soul is being fed. You’ll feel less hard done by, take care of yourself more, eat and sleep better, and see life beyond the laundry pile. You’ll have more to give and feel more like that version of yourself that you enjoy being around.


Unleash Your Inner Warrior Woman In 6 Easy Steps

Brian Tracy inspiration

An Open Letter to Brian Tracy

The Key to finding a happier balance in life. The Project Me for Busy Mother's Life Wheel Tool

The Key to Finding a Better Balance

Think before reacting with your kids.

How to Think Before Reacting To Your Kids

Why are goals important?

The Power of Designing Your Year

Create a Family Vision Board with Project Me for Busy Mothers

Creating A Family Vision Board

A good start to the day.

Find Time For Yourself In The Morning (Before Your Kids Wake Up)


Stop Being A Slave To Your To Do List


Revealed: The Secret to Becoming A Fulfilled Mother


Not sure where to begin?

Do a little self-assessment with the Project Me Life Wheel®

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