My final blog post for Project Me

Have you ever outgrown something in your life, but you just keep ‘wearing it’ because you’re too afraid to throw it away?  That was me with this blog, website and online business. I launched into the world in 2013 after doing Marie Forleo’s online B-School to learn how to take my passion for how…

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2024 Marie Forleo B-School Bonus Bundle

B-School Bonus

NOTE: REGISTRATION FOR B-SCHOOL 2024 OPENS ON FEBRUARY 8TH AND CLOSES ON FEBRUARY 22! Want a taste of Marie and some immediate support for your business? Join her free Webinar. (It only runs for a few days in February 2024) Marie Forleo’s B‑School is the online program I did in 2013 that helped me take…

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Jackie Johnstone on Human Design for Entrepreneurs

Human Design with Jackie Johnstone and Kelly Pietrangeli

I loved jumping on a video call with Intuitive Business Coach Jackie Johnstone about how she went from having no business (or even a business idea!) to launching a successful online company. She shared what happened in her life and business after she became a mother, and how she’s transitioned from being a no-nonsense, straight…

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