Back to School - Back to ME

Back to School – Back to ME

Being a mother these days isn’t easy. There’s always more to do than time.

Ever feel overwhelmed or unfulfilled?

Wish you could find a better balance between the kids – and everything else?

Want to get your life on track and find better systems for feeling organised and on top of it all?

Here at Project Me I offer loads of do-it-yourself tools and tips to help you put the focus on you and find a happier balance across your different life areas. But even that can feel like just one more thing you want to ‘try‘ to do.

It’s hard to ever get off the starting blocks and even harder to follow things through without getting distracted by a million other things that need your attention.

That’s why I’m running my next 4-week programme ‘Back to ME’ to take you by the hand and l’lllead you through my step by step system for getting on top of any area of your life that’s getting on top of you.

With my help, you’ll take the small step actions you’ve been procrastinating about for too long and actually make progress much faster than you’d ever do on your own.

Whether you want to kick start your productivity and get systems in place, focus on your health and fitness, improve your marriage, get on top of your finances, get a handle on your kids, find work or inject more fun into your life – this programme is designed to help you make positive changes that’ll bring more happiness to you and your family.

This 4-week on-line programme kicks off on September 14th!

You’ll learn how to identify what needs your attention first so you can prioritise – and stop wasting time and energy. You’ll go from overwhelmed to focused and turn procrastination into motivation! You’ll set tangible goals that really inspire you, then create a step-by-step plan of action so you’ll know exactly what to do next.

I would recommend this course in a heartbeat to mothers with full lives. It’s well structured and helps you to deliver your own results. You can learn to achieve what you want. And be reminded that you’re already amazing. I’m very pleased I took the course. I thought it might be a bit too self help but I liked it. A lot. Thank you.

– Joanna, UK


On Monday September 14th you’ll receive a course password. Each of the four weeks unlocks a new module so you can dive in, learn and apply it to your life straight away.

In Week One you’ll identify which area of your life you’ll focus on first and create your Dream Vision for how you want that area to feel and be. You’ll discover your Why, so you’ll feel immediately inspired to get started on setting some clear goals and your action plan.

Then in the following weeks we’ll get you into good habits and strengthen your willpower muscle to keep you motivated and on track. You’ll begin to see problems as challenges and have a firm strategy for getting back into balance when you’re feeling out of whack.

By the end of the month, you’ll feel empowered with a fresh outlook, new ways of doing things and a great set of tools you can pull out of the bag over and over again as you apply it to other areas of your life.


Each module comes with fabulous printable Action Sheets  – exclusive to this programme and not available anywhere else. These are your secret weapon for getting it out of your head, onto paper – and into your life! This programme is not about theory, it’s about taking small, step-by-step actions.

BONUS MASTERMIND GROUP *limited to the first 40

Join forces with a power posse of supportive mamas who are just like you, working towards their individual goals. You’ll continue to collaborate, brainstorm and grow with the support of your fellow Mama Masterminders long after the programme is done. This private Facebook group is also where you’ll have access to me. I’ll be there every day throughout the four weeks to guide you, answer questions, set you new challenges, cheer your progress and hold you accountable for what you say you’re going to do. There are no set ‘meeting’ times and you can hop in and much or as little as you want to.

When I ran this programme last March I was blown away by the camaraderie, inspiration and incredible energy of this amazing group of mamas from all over the world.

Huge thanks Kelly for designing and running the course. It was hugely beneficial for me! I’ve loved your insightful feedback and encouragement, gentle nudges along the way when needed, but most importantly your positive attitude and sense of fun. I loved the activities and the “reporting in” and getting feedback and support on Facebook made me more accountable. Surprisingly I found the private Facebook group more beneficial than I expected – the feedback, accountability and ideas from seeing what others were doing. The biggest benefit for me has been creating some “thinking time and space”. By signing up to the programme I forced myself to set aside a couple of sessions each week for “project me”….without the programme this would probably still be on my list as a “good idea to do one day”!

– Jan, New Zealand

No fuss, down to earth good practical advice with amazing support. Kelly’s presence in the group and personal attention to all the members was wonderful and really empowering and supporting along with all the other participants support.

– Justine, UK

I would definitely recommend this to anyone feeling in a rut. I’ve learned how to identify which areas in my life I want to focus on right NOW & how to break those goals into manageable chunks. I’ve also ‘met’ some wonderful people who make me realise we are all working through the same life stuff.

– Fiona B., Australia


I’m invited several special guest experts into the group to help you with specific struggles.

I’m thrilled to welcome:

FAMILY – Elaine Halligan of The Parent Practice, Parenting Coach

LOVE – Julie Marah, Wife Coach

PRODUCTIVITY – Helen Butler of Clutter Rescue

MONEY – Jen Hemphill, Money Coach

HEALTH – Mariah Dolan, Health Coach

If you want to set some great goals in any area of your life, you’ll find a lot of wonderful support with this bunch of talented ladies. (All of them are mothers too and they get it.) 

You’ll also have the opportunity to tap away any fears or anxieties that block you in achieving your goals. You’ll meet wonderful EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner Diana Tower who specialises in helping mothers to overcome these hurdles. She has lots of powerful tools prepared for you, including a video, an audio meditation and a live Google Hangout tapping demonstration.

All of this is worth GOLD.


Once the actual programme is over, you’ll have ongoing access to all of the content and materials so you can continue to work on different goals on into the future.  

I’d just like to say thank you once again Kelly for Project Me and this course. It’s been a wonderful, positive experience! I’ve achieved my goal of finding part-time work and I feel more in control of my life and more able to achieve success in the other areas thanks to the skills I now possess!

– Fiona W., Australia

One of my greatest struggles with goal setting has been having a goal but without clear steps to achieve it. The way the program is set up helped me to reevaluate my chosen steps to be sure that they are truly helpful and they aren’t just adding more to my busy plate. I would recommend it to anyone who knows what they want to achieve but aren’t sure how to go about it. Kelly knows how to encourage growth, consistency and grace.

– Aletha, USA


If you’re at all all worried that you might not have the time for this, I get it. When my last programme ended I asked the participants what their biggest hesitation was about joining. Guess what? They all said time! Here’s a glimpse into their many responses:

I thought I would not have the time to follow the course. I worried that I wouldn’t have enough time to make any real progress and, as a result, would be a waste of money. I thought that I was making my life yet more busier. I worried that working on my goals would clutter my mind and distract me from all that I needed to do. Am I going to be overwhelmed with the paperwork? Is four weeks enough time to dig deep and sort things out? I’m already feeling busy/overwhelmed….would doing the course simply add more to my to do list?!  

Every one of the ladies who made these comments above went on to make the time for this programme – and got results they’re proud of.

I’ve created this especially for time-strapped mothers and it’s all really doable once you decide you’re worth it.

I’ve made great progress in mapping out teeny-tiny steps to my goals and taking ACTION! I really feel in control of my future, not at the whim of interruptions. You’re full of charisma and organized everything so that it flowed perfectly. This program has changed my days and I’m certain it will help me map my way to the life of my dreams!

– Christine, USA

So how much is it?

£95 (that’s approximately $146 USD  / 130 euros / 198 AUD) You can use a currency converter to work out today’s exchange rate in your part of the world. 

Remember, this gives you ongoing access to the programme contents and materials. It’s a worthwhile investment in you and your long term happiness.

Click here to join

Space is limited in the Mama Mastermind group, so don’t wait too long to decide or you’ll miss this bonus element of support.

There is now ONE space left in the Mama Mastermind group! ONE!!!!  The Mama Mastermind Group is now FULL! If you’d still like to join without my support in the private Facebook Group, email me so I can help you decide if it’ll still benefit you.   I’ll also let you know when the next one is running.






I’d love to see your name on the class roster! Here’s to getting back on track! 

Positively yours,





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  1. Patty - Our Whole Village on August 4, 2015 at 12:16 PM

    I love this!
    Can’t wait to start again and set a new goal!


    • Kelly Pietrangeli on August 6, 2015 at 3:38 PM

      Patty! You were such a great participant in the last round! Very happy to hear you’re going to start fresh with a new goal. 🙂

  2. Mariah Dolan on September 10, 2015 at 8:19 PM

    Love this! Can’t wait 🙂


    ~ Mariah

    • Kelly Pietrangeli on September 10, 2015 at 10:00 PM

      So happy you’re in as our guest expert in Health & Fitness Mariah!

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