My Date With Deepak

My Date With Deepak
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I woke up this morning excited to start my day. You’d be too if you had a date with Deepak.

I was first introduced to Deepak Chopra 15 years ago in a dusty, used book shop in London. ‘The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success for Parents‘ seemed to jumped off the shelf and into my hands.

My first son was just a tiny baby and Deepak’s words had a profound effect on how I decided to raise my kids. I wanted them to learn from a young age that anything is possible with pure desire and intention. The book gave me a tool to help explain these concepts to my children – and to better understand them myself.

Every parent wants their child to achieve success in life, yet most are teaching them that in order to succeed they must persist against disappointments, obstacles and setbacks. They must compete to be the best, survive against inevitable struggles and behave in order to earn approval.

Success achieved by struggle may bring good things to us, but the inner fulfilment we seek from those things will be lacking.

I went on to read more of his books, starting with the original ‘Seven Spiritual Laws of Success’, then ‘Synchro Destiny’ and ‘Ageless Mind, Ageless Body’. When the scientific evidence got way too deep for me, I just skimmed those parts and took in the message behind the science. Deepak taught me to open my mind to unlimited potential.

For a few years we drifted apart. I never completely forgot him, but new teachers came into my life to reinforce and refine my views.

I’m back together with Deepak now. A friend reintroduced us two years ago.

She sent me a link to a free Deepak 21 Day Online Meditation Challenge. Initially, I resisted on the grounds that I’d tried meditation but always struggled to sit still and tame my monkey mind.

But the idea of getting back together with Deepak appealed. I signed up to the challenge.

For 21 days as soon as I woke, I listened to his 15 minute guided meditations. It was great to hear his voice. I realised how much I’d missed him.

Instead of fighting to keep a clear mind, I simply listened and soaked in his beautifully delivered words of wisdom. I felt more connected to myself, my husband, my kids and everyone I came into contact with.

By the end of the 21 days I was in love with him all over again. And in love with myself – and the Universe!

A day without him doesn’t feel right, so I bought his whole library of meditations.

I’ve yet to actually meet Deepak in the flesh, but during our morning dates, he’s a dear old friend.

Click here for find out when the next Deepak Chopra & Oprah Winfrey 21-day guided Meditation Experience kicks off.

*Find more of my recommended Meditation Apps for Mothers here.

In the comments below, let me know what you think about raising kids to believe they have unlimited potential. Do you think it’s a parents job to protect our kids from setbacks and disappointments? Or to show them that anything is possible?

Kelly Pietrangeli

Kelly Pietrangeli

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34 Responses to My Date With Deepak

  1. Diana Tower says:

    Just signed up Kelly. Looking forward to incorporating some meditation into my daily life. 🙂

    • I really think you’re going to love it Diana! Two years ago I was still telling myself the story that I can’t meditate. The 21 day meditation challenge changed my mind! Keep me posted on what you think x

      • Nathalie says:

        I am always so excited when these 21 day challenges begin. I did day 1 today, and feeling pumped. I get even more motivated when I know that all of my mama friends are doing it. xx

  2. Catarina says:

    Already did my first meditation today! These always seem to come at a time when my meditation has fallen off the wagon and needs a bit of an accountability and inspiration boost. Enjoy! (PS I love the Deepak graphic above and I’ll be looking into the book you mention).

    • I know what you mean Catarina – the timing is always so perfect for me too!

      The daily emails don’t arrive for me here in Madrid until after 8am, so sadly I have to start tomorrow morning. Can’t wait!!! xx

  3. Jen Hemphill says:

    This year I started meditating and not falling asleep ha! I’m going to sign up for this. Thanks for sharing Kelly :).

  4. Kate says:

    I have previously participated in one of Deepak’s 21 day meditation and I’m not sure if it was because I had a very young baby and a toddler at the time but it did not resonate with me.. BUT after reading your blog post Kelly I’m going to give it another go, it can only do me good 😉

    • Glad you’re willing to give it another shot Kate. I do know that different things resonate with me at different times too. The theme of this one is Success, so I am going to apply that to my success with my various goals.


  5. Amber says:

    I’ve been signed up!! Ready to go!!

  6. You’re timing is perfect, as always, Kelly! I have been searching for something like this at this exact moment in my life and, of course, it needs to be easily integrated into my busy entrepreneur/mommy schedule (i.e. convenient). I will def be downloading the app on my phone and letting you know how it goes! Thank you, lovely!

  7. Pam says:

    I, too, fell off the Depak wagon a couple of years ago. You’ve inspired me to get back on…all signed up. xoxo

  8. Julie says:

    I’m in! Listened to the taster meditation in the welcome e mail last night just before bed and noticed this morning how energised I felt when I woke this morning. Looking forward to this evenings session and the next 3 weeks. Xx

  9. Yes! I signed up for it last week and plan to make my husband do it with me at night after the kids are in bed!

  10. Thank you so much for sharing this! I just signed up, and now is a perfect time to start 🙂

  11. Bonnie says:

    I love his meditations shared with Oprah. I’ve been learning from him for about two and one half years now. It is such a wonderful way to start the day.

    • Hi Bonnie! Yes, I love the little intro’s Oprah throws in before Deepak begins. Always some kind of additional insight. I also do it first thing in the morning so I can set my intention for the day 🙂

  12. Kristina Luz says:

    Although a day late due to my super hectic schedule, I would love to join because I love Deepak’s philosophy. Great way to start the day! Thanks Kelly !

  13. Paola says:

    Deepak’s meditation is one of the thing I’m always grateful for, and that’s also thank to you Kelly, you posted a link to his 21 day challenge a year or two ago and I was hooked!
    I approach life in a different way, in a better way!

  14. Deb says:

    I love the 21 day challenges! 🙂

  15. […] is the app that kicked off my meditation habit. (I call it my Date with Deepak!) It works alongside the free 21-Day Meditation Experiences that Oprah & Deepak run a few times […]

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