Create Your Project ME In 3 Easy Steps

Create Your Project ME In 3 Easy Steps
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Anyone else go all weak at the knees about stationery? Highlighter pens, Post-It notes, paper clips and notebooks – I’m a kid in a candy store in a shop that sells funky, colourful supplies. 

Combine that with my love fill-in-the-blank worksheets and I’m in my own kind of bliss. 

The concept of this very website came out of my idea to create a binder folder with colour coded tabbed sections for each area of my life.

I figured it was kind of like project managing a new house build with organised sections for plumbing, electricity, interior design and outdoor landscaping.

My life needed sorting out in so many different areas, so I broke it down into – family, health, personal growth, fun, money, etc. 

I felt a Project ME coming on….

Naturally I headed off to buy some supplies!

Giving focus to the individual areas that make up my life has been the key to getting better organised and finding the happy balance I always craved but never maintained. 

It’s a lot easier to see what’s working and what’s not – and then hash out a plan to make things better. I set goals for myself and create small step action plans to make them happen. 

And that’s what I’m here to help you do too. 

Creating your own Project Me is the key to feeling more in control of your life. 

Whatever small, baby steps you can manage to take towards making your life run more smoothly, the happier you’ll feel. 

Are you up for it?

Here’s your 3 Easy Steps for kick starting your Project ME.

Step 1

Get a clear picture of the 8 different areas that make up your life. What’s going well? What totally sucks?
I created the Project Me Life Wheel Tool to make this super easy for you. Just pop your details into the box below and you’ll get your wheel sent to you immediately – along with full driving instructions. It couldn’t be easier! (Here’s more information about the Project Me Life Wheel® and how it’ll help you.)


Step 2

Get a binder folder to create your Project Me. (You did see that coming, right?) 
Having a dedicated place to keep your Project Me Life Wheel® and your printable Action Sheets shows yourself that you mean business. It gets you to treat your life like the important project it is.

By popular request, I’ve created a binder cover and added it to the Action Sheets page.

Step 3

Set up a regular Date With Yourself to focus on your Project Me. Do a light assessment of how each area of your life is going. What needs a bit of attention, some brainstorming, solutions? Fill in the blanks on your Action Sheets, get stuff out of your head and onto paper, make plans for whatever small steps you’ll take.

This can be done weekly or monthly depending on you. The more regularly the better. Schedule it in and make it a priority because you are important! 

If you can escape the house and head to a local coffee shop, great. Otherwise, tell your family you need some Project ME time and hang up a Do Not Disturb sign.

Or team up with a friend! I’ve created a special POWER PAL PACK filled with printable action sheets, prompts and guidelines that’ll help you join forces to work on your Project Me together. Think of it as your own personal Mastermind Group.

I’ve been meeting up with my ‘Power Posse’ for seven years now and we all credit our sanity to these monthly meet-ups! Problems never have time to fester and grow when you tackle them regularly and have an accountability buddy to hold you to things you say you’re going to do.

Whatever you do, don’t wait to get started. Schedule in a hot date with yourself and get ready to become the Project Manager of your life! 

Remember to sign up for your free Project Me Life Wheel® and start receiving your Monday Motivators to get you off the starting blocks. Each week I’ll send you more ideas and inspiration to help you with your Project Me.


In the comments below, share how you feel about creating your own Project Me? Are you ready to have a regular date with yourself and get proactive about taking control of your life? I’m here rooting for you and can’t wait to hear how you’re getting on!

Kelly Pietrangeli

Kelly Pietrangeli

Mama Motivator at Project Me
Kelly Pietrangeli is the creator of Project Me for Busy Mothers, helping women find a happier balance between the kids - and everything else.

Mixing practicality with self-awareness, Kelly helps mothers get on top of their endless to-do’s, set goals and improve their lives one small step at a time.

Grab her free Life Wheel Tool for discovering what needs your focus first.
Kelly Pietrangeli

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9 Responses to Create Your Project ME In 3 Easy Steps

  1. Valentyna says:

    Hello Kelly,
    Thank you so much for your amazing project. I think there aren’t other emails I read so carefully. Your theme’s created exactly for me! I don’t even remember how I landed here, but I truly appreciate your work and advice.
    You are very creative person.
    I never thought about my life like a project. Funny how true it is.
    Sweet regards from Canada!

    • What a lovely comment to wake up to this morning Valentyna!

      I’m happy you’re open to seeing your life as an exciting project. I have lots of great things brewing for the coming weeks and months to keep you inspired.

      Watch your in-box 🙂

  2. Karin says:

    Hi Kelly
    Thanks for you recent article about how Project Me was born. I also have a stationery fetish, but do you know – I have all my action sheets lying around getting buried? It just didn’t occur to me to file them all in a ring binder – some of us need to be spoon fed – lol Now I can go out and buy a binder especially for My Project me along with colourful seperators, etc. I already feel more organised!
    Keep up the good work – I look forward to your posts every week with the anticipation of having another aspect of my life made a little clearer and me a little happier.
    Warm Regards

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  4. bee says:

    this is perfect for me – right down to the special stationery!! I love exploring balance and self care. your idea of breaking things down into life segments to examine what is working/not working is brilliant. Also love the idea of “self date”!

    • Welcome to Project Me Bee! I hope you’ve signed up for the Life Wheel Tool and I’ll love to hear how you’re getting on with it. It’s a great exercise to do once a mont on that date with yourself.

      I just clicked on your name and found your blog. Well done! Love what you’re doing. If you’d like to write about your experience of creating your own Project Me and using the Life Wheel I’ll be happy to share your post on social media. I love reading about people’s aha’s from this process. xx

    • Nelly says:

      ” G’day Everyone! It’s Nice to meet you all ( Here on Facebook ). I hope you will enjoy the Company here at; “Australians ” love Hawaii Group to&228#21;&#8o30;.. at; and my other “Hawaiian Facebook Page ” at Plus, I can be reached at; Peter. (Pekelo)”

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