How to Let Go Of Old Stories From Your Past

One of my favourite websites, Tiny Buddha, have published my article, If Your Life Story Depresses You or Holds You Back, Change It and the response has been overwhelming. The comments that are coming in under the post are very thought provoking and make me especially grateful that I’ve been able to move on and let go of old stories from my past.…

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Be The Best Version Of You

Are you a calm creature in your yoga class, then get home and yell at your kids? Do you ever read an inspirational book or blog and think, “Yes! That makes total sense, and I’m going to start doing that!” Then life gets busy and it never quite happens? Do you ever feel like you’re…

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How to Think Before Reacting To Your Kids

Think before reacting with your kids.

I was thrilled with the opportunity to write a guest blog for one of my favourite websites, Tiny Buddha, about my experience of learning to press my mental pause button and think before reacting. It was a difficult to write as Tiny Buddha have a diverse audience and the blogs they publish aren’t gender specific or…

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