The Project ME Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide for Mothers

There are plenty of lists going around at this time of year for what to buy the kids, your partner, your mother – even your pet. In true #ProjectMe spirit, this list is for YOU. Drop some hints or share this post to inspire someone with what to give you this Christmas. Or why not…

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What To Do If You Don’t Like Christmas

I’ve had way too many unhappy Decembers when my kids were small. It got to the point that I began to dread the holiday season. And then I got myself even more wound up because my friends LOVED Christmas and I felt even worse that I didn’t.  And I would tell everyone I met the…

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Eat and Drink Smart This Christmas

Christmas eating and drinking strategy

Do you start off with good intentions, then find yourself eating and drinking everything in sight ‘because it’s Christmas’ – and regret it as soon as you step on the scale in January? December is no time for diets or deprivation – you deserve to enjoy yourself! But how can you find the happy balance between…

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6 Strategies For Handling Festive Family Friction

Dealing With Difficult Relatives

Are you dealing with a difficult relative over the festive season? Someone who winds you up, drains your energy or is about as unpleasant as a root canal? Maybe it’s a meddling mother-in-law, an opinionated uncle, a sulky sister, or a bratty nephew. Family get-togethers are part and parcel of Christmas, so you need to…

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Have Yourself A Simpler Little Christmas

Are you prone to over-complicating things? A perfectionist who thinks everything needs to be just so? This Christmas give yourself the gift of keeping it simple – and remember the reason for season.  It’s not about crazy spending or making your home look like a decorating magazine photo shoot. Christmas is about spending time with…

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Create Christmas Experience Vouchers

Stuck for what to get your kids for Christmas this year? Do they already have the latest gadgets and ‘must have’s’? Or maybe money’s a bit tight and you need to find something great for not a lot of cash. Last Christmas I didn’t have a clue what to give my teen and tween boys. When they…

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