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Fun & Friendship

In the wake of everything else that needs doing, it’s easy to forget about having fun. And when the fun dries up, so do you. Maybe you’re feeling stuck in a rut and your fun-o-meter is registering ‘bored’. It could be that you’re having some friendship issues or that you’re simply not seeing enough of your friends. We all have our own definition of what’s fun. And that definition changes at different stages of your life. Rather than comparing the Fun area of your life to what it was BC (Before Children), redefine what fun means to you at the stage you’re at right now.

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The new and improved Project Me website

The New and Improved Project Me Website!


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Plan a regular date with yourself and your Project Me

How to Plan a Project Me Date With Yourself

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Creating your Project Me! Life coaching for mothers.

Create Your Project ME In 3 Easy Steps


4 Ways To Form Meaningful Friendships

The Project Me Power Pack Pack helps you get together with a friend to coach each other into happiness

Create a Personal Mastermind


Not sure where to begin?

Do a little self-assessment with the Project Me Life Wheel®

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