When the Money area of your life isn’t flowing well, there’s a danger of it leaching into other areas too. Money is a very emotionally charged subject and your relationship with money determines how well it flows. Once you get into a mindset of ‘lacking’, it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. You can’t afford the things that would make you happier, which makes you more unhappy, creating a negative, downward spiral. Take consistent, small-step actions to improve things and don’t allow setbacks to defeat you.

End of life planning

End of Life Planning

Use the Project Me method for figuring out your challenges on paper and finding your solutions.

Develop Your Figure-It-Out Superpower!

Stacks Of 100 Dollar Bills

5 Ways To Manifest More Money

How a mother can indulge herself within a budget

How to Indulge Yourself (Within A Budget)

The Key to finding a happier balance in life. The Project Me for Busy Mother's Life Wheel Tool

The Key to Finding a Better Balance

Talking to your partner about money without fighting.

How To Talk To Your Man About Money (Minus The Meltdown)

Shopping spending

Confessions of a Former Shopaholic

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Not sure where to begin?

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