Become Your Own Body Whisperer

Become Your Own Body Whisperer

Do you have aches and pains? Digestive issues? Bad eating habits, poor sleep? Does your monthly cycle flatten you? Do you catch every bug going around?

Your body is just trying to get your attention. Symptoms and sensations are the language of the body. Are you listening – or just carrying on, hoping it gets better on it’s own?

Just like your car has little warning lights to tell you what’s wrong, your body sends you signals.

But when life gets busy and you have so much else on your plate -  you override these symptoms, and then they get bigger, then they start YELLING!

Your pains become chronic, your sleep is a mess, unwanted eating habits feel out of control. It’s hard to be a happy mama when you’re just not feeling good.

But what if there’s a better way?

What if you didn’t have to wait for your body to start hollering.

What if you actually knew your body’s language so well that you could understand and respond to it, even when it whispers

Some people are excellent body whisperers. Have you ever been with someone who has a severe allergy – and as soon as they smell or taste even the tiniest bit of their allergen – their body reacts? They stop right away. They are listening to the whispers of their body, because they know they can’t afford to wait ’til their body starts yelling.

The reality is that none of us can afford to wait until our body starts yelling. We may not be faced with an immediate life-and-death issue like an extreme allergy, but every day we are facing the choice of living fully, or going numb to our body’s needs.

So, how do you become a body whisperer?

How do you ‘tune into your body’ to hear what it has to say?[more]

Learn To Speak Your Partner’s Love Language

Learn To Speak Your Partner’s Love Language

Does your partner text while you’re talking? Fail to notice when you’ve had your hair done? Does say he loves you, but you’d feel like he meant it if he helped out around the house more?

Or maybe a kind gesture on your part didn’t get the desired reaction from him. You’re left wondering why you even bothered at all.

Ever feel like you’re speaking completely different languages? Maybe you are!

Relationship expert Gary Chapman says there are five different languages of love. If you both speak the same language that’s great, but if not you might need the help of an interpreter!

In his #1 best selling book ‘The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts’, Gary writes about  the importance of being able to express your love to your partner in a way they’ll understand.

The basic principle is that we each use one of five primary love languages. This determines how we give love and how we want to receive it. Learning to speak your partner’s love language and vice versa will do wonders for your relationship.

Ever since I read this book I’ve had a fresh insight into what makes my hubby tick. ‘Caring Acts of Service’. (And no, that doesn’t just mean sex…)

It means a lot to him when I remember to buy his favourite coffee or sparkling water before it runs out. Or taking his shoes to be resoled, his suit to the dry cleaner or his tennis racket to be restrung. It’s all of those things that take a small load off his plate. I haven’t gone so far as to fill in his tax returns, but I know that would be a pretty grand act of love!

Knowing that his primary love language is Caring Acts of Service means I can remember to sprinkle it into the week fairly effortlessly. I’ll tell him to go and relax while I clean up the dinner dishes. Or I’ll go and collect our son from a party – even though it’s his turn.

And I’ve been able to help him understand why his gifts and compliments aren’t nearly as meaningful to me as quality time and conversations. It isn’t enough to just be in the same room at the same time. I need focused attention. If he’s reading or texting while I’m talking I feel insulted. (Even though annoyingly he can repeat back what I’d said word for word… grrrrr…..)

Read the following Five Love Languages and try to identify your partner’s as well as your own.[more]

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now? (Whether To Go Back To Work)

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now? (Whether To Go Back To Work)

Recently I was interviewed by Soozi Baggs of about my experience of maternity leave and thoughts of returning to work after I became a mother.

Even though it’s been 15 years since I went through the whole ‘should I stay or should I go now?’ dilemma, it’s all still very fresh in my mind.

Are you facing ‘The Big Decision’ – whether to go back to work, be a stay at home mother or maybe start a home business?

It can be a confusing time.

When I became pregnant I had to decide whether to take the maternity package and keep my job as a graphic designer for a record company, or cut the cord (so to speak) and be a SAHM?

My head was in a total spin over it.

Then I got proactive. First, I wrote down the Pros & Cons of each choice. Next, I closed my eyes and visualised what my daily life would look like in each scenario.

My visualisation looked like this:[more]

Kids Boredom Buster

Kids Boredom Buster

‘I’m bored.’ ‘I don’t know what to do.’   Sound familiar?

Inevitable words out of the mouths of our kids during the school break.

It’s great to organise trips, days out and social get togethers but don’t feel you have schedule their every move. Children need the time and space to transition from busy school routines to laid back livin’. It’s ok to feel a bit bored sometimes, they just have to find their own way out of it. (And that doesn’t have to mean endless hours glued to an iPad.) 

A few summers ago I pre-empted the cries of boredom by getting my kids to create a Not Bored Board. It worked a treat and has become an annual tradition.

Here’s how:[more]

3 Steps To Your Best Summer Yet!

3 Steps To Your Best Summer Yet!

Long summer breaks can be a bag of mixed emotions. On the one hand there’s sweet freedom from early morning starts, rushing and routines. Eating breakfast in your PJ’s. Lunch and dinner whenever anyone’s hungry. Letting the kids live in the same swim suit for days on end. (Hey – it saves on laundry.) 

On the flip-side, you’re on full-time mama duty. Your normal daily schedule’s thrown totally out of whack and you’re missing that vital me time. One day morphs into another and after a while you’ve completely lost the plot.

A few years ago I decided not to let my summer feel like a roller coaster ride of happiness and hassles. I broke out my notebook and created a strategy for my Best Summer Yet.

And it worked! Getting clear about what I actually wanted was the key to guiding it in the right direction. It’s become an annual ritual and my summers keep getting better and better.

Here are 3 Steps to Creating Your Best Summer Yet:


Double Latte With A Twist: How to Coach a Friend

Double Latte With A Twist: How to Coach a Friend

Imagine these two scenarios:

A: You’re at a coffee morning with some local mothers and it turns into a competitive moan over who’s had the least sleep, the worst behaved kid or laziest husband. It then slides into celebrity scandals which morphs into idle gossip about other mothers who are not there.


B: You meet up with up with a friend and, after a catch up, you take turns sharing your current challenges and brainstorming solutions. You set some goals, create plans of action and set a date to meet up again in one month to share your successes.


Which of those would leave you help you feel more positive and motivated about life? Which would leave you as drained as ever?

Getting together with a friend regularly for the ‘soul’ purpose of helping each other through life’s ups and downs is one of the most positive ways to harness the power of friendship. (tweet this!

Yet too often we slide into complaining mode without even realising it.

Complaining is a complete waste of time, yet it feels easier than figuring out a solution. It becomes a bad habit and begins to feel normal. The same goes for gossip. It creates bad energy. It gives me the creeps.

A few years ago I formed a Power Posse with my friends Suzie and Anna. They didn’t yet know each other but we’d all attended a series of life coaching workshops and wanted a way of keeping on top of the changes we’d begun to make. We were looking for accountability – and boy did we find it.

We had no idea then that we were onto something so life changing.[more]

Life Is Like A Roller Coaster. Throw Your Hands Up And Enjoy The Ride

Life Is Like A Roller Coaster. Throw Your Hands Up And Enjoy The Ride

Do you ever have weeks that feel like a roller coaster? Up and down, up and down – and sometimes loop de loop!

It’s a good thing I love roller coasters because these past couple of weeks have been one crazy ride.

My fab biz partner Suzie left Project Me. And I was down.

Then all of the positive words of support came flooding in via email, phone calls and comments under the blog. (Thank you!) I was back up again!

Then I faced big challenges in creating the sales page and all of the other working parts that go into the upcoming Power Pal Pack. I feel like I’ve been working on this for ever and I’d desperately wanted to launch it now. Down again.

So I decided to do something I knew [more]

Why I’m Leaving Project Me for Project ME

Why I’m Leaving Project Me for Project ME

Have you ever felt so wildly out of balance that you’re living in a constant state of stress or anxiety?

You don’t sleep well, you’re not taking good care of yourself and worst of all you feel like you’re letting everyone down.

This has been me lately.

The irony is not lost on me that I co run a website helping busy mothers find a happier balance, yet recently my own life has been far from balanced.

Before Project Me came along I was already running my busy yoga business, teaching mornings and evenings, as well as running workshops and retreats. Because I’m a one woman show I deal with all of the admin that goes along with it too.

I have four kids and while only my younger two are still school aged, my son comes and goes during his university studies and my eldest daughter is back at home again after graduating university and working her first real job.

My husband also works from home so our house always feels full of life, especially when I have ten yoga students in my living room and the furniture moved out into the hallway!

When I took on Project Me with my fab friend Kelly, I knew that I was adding yet another element to my already busy life, but having mastered the balancing act (or so I thought) I felt ready to help others do the same.

I also knew that to keep a happy balance I needed to nurture all 8 of my key life areas and my monthly Power Posse sessions always helped keep me on track.

However the last few months have grown increasingly challenging. We weren’t quite expecting the global following we’ve quickly found and the bigger we get, the more work there is to do – and we haven’t even created our first paid product yet!

There’s so much more than meets the eye to running an online business and the ideas list is always endless.

The time I physically have to work on Project Me is much less than Kelly who’s not running a second business like I am.

The Work area of my life was tipping me badly out of balance to the point that there weren’t enough hours in my week for much else.

Something had to give.[more]

Create an Online Business That Fits In With Your Family

Create an Online Business That Fits In With Your Family

I often think of motherhood as similar to diving into the waves at the beach.

You have your first baby, plunging head first into the waves from the shore. Whilst you’re under the water swimming and surviving you forget all about your ‘old self’.

After a few months of newborn mayhem, you come up to the surface and take a big gulp of fresh air. You make an effort to wave at your ‘old self’ waiting patiently on the beach.

Then baby two comes and you’re fully submerged in the water again, surviving, swimming, out of control and forgetting all about who you were. Baby three and four, on it goes.

Sound familiar?

Then all of a sudden your kids are walking, talking, out of nappies, going to kinder and then eventually stepping into the big world of school.

Your little people are gaining independence and so are you.

Slowly you find your feet sinking back into the sand, walking back towards the shore, slightly invigorated, inspired and excited to go and reconnect with your ‘old self’.

As you raise your eyes to focus on the beach, your skin drying in the sunshine – you look out across the sand and your ‘old self’ is no-where to be seen.

Where did you go? Who are you now?

All you’ve done for the past few years is talk about, think about, cook for, wash, dress, pamper, hug, kiss and cuddle your beautiful kids. It’s the way you’re hard wired so it’s no surprise you’re feeling a little disconnected from who you once were. You’ve lost yourself somewhere along the way.

Let’s face it, when your little ones are finding independence and you’re barely able to remember what life was like before they came along, it can be a little scary. How did you spend your time? How did you earn money? What used to occupy your brain?

You could just plod back to the corporate cubicle you used to inhabit, but somehow that no longer appeals.

Something new has been born within you, a fresh perspective on life.

Maybe you’re feeling ready to take some first steps back into work life but in a more meaningful and passionate way. [more]

How To Stop Sibling Squabbles

How To Stop Sibling Squabbles

Are you sick of hearing your kids bicker? Worried they’ll kill each other – or that you’ll be driven to do it yourself?

When my boys were three and six I was at my wits’ end. They were constantly fighting, and I’d morphed into a chronic shout-a-holic.

My older son played the good cop and felt it was his duty to stop his younger brother from doing anything ‘naughty’. ‘No no Marco! No no!’ was his continuous catch phrase.

Of course this only fuelled the little one’s fire and he quickly became the rebel, doing everything except what he was supposed to.

Even short car journeys were a nightmare with each one pointing to something they saw out their side of the window. If one of them had more interesting things on their side, the other would have a fit. I started taking back roads just to avoid construction sites as bulldozers ruled and I knew it would cause a battle.

It was a downward spiral and I felt increasingly exasperated. Their constant sibling squabbles and complete inability to get along for more than five minutes was driving me to the looney bin.

Thankfully [more]

Find The Yoga Style That’s Right For You

Find The Yoga Style That’s Right For You

Think yoga’s only for bendy young bunnies in skin tight lycra or for dreadlocked, tie-dyed hippies?

Ever done a class in a freezing, dusty church hall and thought, ‘this ain’t for me’? Or found a swanky new yoga studio, but the teacher got on your nerves? Was your class too challenging? Not demanding enough? Did the chanting freak you out?

You’re not alone. Having been to hundreds (maybe thousands!) of yoga classes, I’ve had my fair share of weird and whacky experiences. Not all yoga classes are created equal.

As a yoga teacher for the past 10 years I’ve focused on my true yoga love: Vinyasa Flow. I love the variety, creativity and the fun of it. Most of all I love the way it makes me feel so damn good!

There’s a type and teacher to suit everyone. It’s just a matter of finding your yoga style and a teacher you resonate with.

Here’s my guide to finding the yoga that’s right for you.[more]

Unleash Your Inner Warrior Woman In 6 Easy Steps

Unleash Your Inner Warrior Woman In 6 Easy Steps

Do you ever lack confidence or experience self-doubt? Find it hard to say no or stand up for yourself? Are you the sucker who gets roped into doing things you don’t want to?

It’s time to discover your Inner Warrior Woman.

She’s the one that makes great decisions, takes no shit, stands up for herself, values her time and controls her life. The problem is, she doesn’t get a chance to shine often enough when she’s locked inside and can’t get out.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend a 4-day “Unleash The Power Within” seminar by the amazingly inspirational Anthony Robbins. If you don’t know Tony yet, get to know him!

I was blown away by his ability to make an entire hall of 7,000 people feel fearless and strong. We even walked on fire! (How’s that for proving the theory of mind over matter?!)

He taught us a technique for creating a new empowered inner persona. You can pull this out of the bag whenever you need to be strong – and it works.

I like to think of this as unleashing your Inner Warrior Woman! Ready to give it a try?[more]

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