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Project Me is here to help!

Are you putting so much focus on one part of your life that you drop the ball on the others?

Or feeling exhausted from trying to keep all the balls in the air?

I know how you feel and I’ve got ways to make it easier.

Project Me is a website – and so much more. Think of this as your toolbox for motivation, inspiration and solutions. This is your place to ‘check in’ with yourself, do a little light maintenance and get back on track.

Helpful Blogs cover your 8 Key Life Areas: Family Life, Love & Marriage, Health & Wellbeing, Productivity & Organisation, Fun & Friendships, Personal Growth, Work and Money.

Printable Action Sheets help seal the deal. They’ll help you get ideas out of your head and into your life.

If you’re tired of running around like a headless chicken and feel like a slave to your never ending To Do List, I’m happy to work with you in my Master Your To Do List Workshop.

I also run on-line courses to help you set goals and take action. No matter how busy life feels, I’ve got great strategies for carving out small chunks of time that’ll make BIG positive changes to your everyday life.

Where to start?

Kick off with the Project Me Life Wheel®. It comes with loads of helpful prompts to get you thinking clearly about each of your life areas so you know where to focus first. It’s fabulous, it’s free so come and give it a spin!

Pop your details in below to get on the VIM (Very Important Mama!) List.

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  • When I’ve got something you’ll love – you’ll be the first to know. I also give my lovely subscribers lots of free Action Sheets and tools that I don’t post on the site.

P.S. I won’t bombard you or share your details with anyone else. (Promise.)  Be sure to check your junk/promotions folder if you don’t find your Life Wheel in your normal in-box. 

I can’t wait for you to join this amazing community of women from all over the world who are taking control of their own happiness!



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