Summer Strategy Kit

Holy sand buckets! Hose me down! It’s the summer break! On the one hand that means Sweet Freedom from school runs, homework hassles and routines. YAY! On the other, looooong weeks of full-time mama duty melts your patience faster than a popsicle in the sun.

I’ve got something to help you do more than just survive summer…

The Project Me for Busy Mothers Summer Strategy Kit!

A whole pack of 24 printables to help you plot out your summer – then keep you on track throughout.

There are some great ones for YOU….such as getting clear about what you want out of this summer, setting some simple summer goals, discovering what’ll bring out your best version of you (so you’ll feel less like a screaming banshee..) + planners for packing / playdates / summer meals and more!

And there’s plenty for the KIDS too! What are their summer goals? What kinds of rewards do they want to earn by helping out around the house and following some summer rules? There’s even a Screen Time Tracker if you don’t want them glued to screens all summer long…


Morning RoutineNot Board Board

How about laying out a Morning Routine so your child knows what needs to happen. It’ll save you from nagging and repeating the same things over and over and over…. (or feeling like the family slave.) 

The fun starts with getting the family together to discuss and brainstorm ‘Not Bored Board’ ideas, rules and rewards.

This isn’t just about surviving summer, it’s about genuinely enjoying it.

The Summer Strategy Kit can be in your hot little hands faster than you can scoop a cone of ice cream!

Get the Summer Strategy Kit of 24 gorgeous full-colour PDF’s sent to you straight away so you can start planning your dream summer. You’ll also receive my run-down on each and every sheet with ideas of how to use them.


If you have a child / children off school over the summer months and want to do more than just SURVIVE the school holidays, don’t miss out! I’ve used these strategies for many years and have taught them to hundreds of others – THEY WORK. 

For additional Power Posse support through the whole summer, and access to my Summer stategy workshop (LIVE on June 17th with recordings available afterwards) – check out Project WE* – my private online membership club.




* You can easily cancel your membership at any time. There are no obligations, making it easy for you to give it a try!


I’m Kelly Pietrangeli and I created Project Me to help you see life beyond the laundry pile. It’s all about finding a happier balance between the kids – and everything else.

Too often we fly by the seat of our pants and then wonder why things don’t go so well…. Taking a few minutes to fill out the My Dream Summer sheet included in this pack will alone make a big difference. Then writing down how you want each area of your life to feel and be is the next step. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be on a roll. You’ll be grabbing other sheets in the pack and feel inspiration flowing through you as you map out your fabulous ideas.

Happy Summer!


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