How to stick to your goals.

4 Ways To Be A Great Goalkeeper

In this Goal Setting series we’ve been going through how to set goals that’ll make your day to day life easier and happier.

If you’ve been following along and doing your homework, you’ll be feeling more clear headed and excited about life right now.

And if you’re just getting started on Designing Your Year, you can head back over here as soon as you’re ready.

Here are 4 ways to be a great goalkeeper and make your goals stick for the long term:

1. Create great habits

The outcome of our lives is based on our rituals. That is – the habits we have every day.

So, which of your goals could use some rituals to turn them into great habits? Write them down and make a plan.

– To get into a fitness habit, create a weekly ritual of scheduling in your sessions, lay your gym clothes out the night before and climb straight into them when you get up. Use a free Project Me Fitness Planner to ink in which days you’re committing to moving your body. 

– If your goal is to bring more intimacy into your relationship, maybe you’ll create a ritual of kissing goodbye each morning and reconnecting again when you see each other later.

– To get into a meal planning habit, create a ritual of doing it on a set day each and every week without fail.

– If you want to ‘start your day in a positive way’, set your alarm clock earlier than you need to and override all urges to hit snooze. (Work that willpower muscle!)

2. Take baby steps

We talked about the importance of chunking bigger goals down into smaller actionable steps in Turn Your Goals Into Reality. Once you’ve taken the first three steps  – don’t stop there. Print off a fresh Ideas Into Action planner and write down the next three steps after that.

Keep the momentum going!

3. Review your goals

You know that saying ‘A dog’s not just for Christmas’? Well goals are not just for January! Create a monthly ritual of reviewing your goals, doing your Project Me Life Wheel® check-in and always keep your Ideas Into Action planner in sight (not buried under a mass of papers).

Stick those actions up where you can see them. Review them everyday.

Print out a new Ideas Into Action when you need to add more steps so it looks fresh and inspiring (not a crossed out mess).

Schedule a goals review once a month and set a reminder.

4. Share your goals

Don’t keep ‘em to yourself – tell other people! Having accountability for your goals is a huge factor in actually achieving them.

If you don’t know about Project WE yet – head over here and read all about it! It’s an online membership club for women to get support and accountability for their goals. There is no better way to keep the momentum flowing and achieve great things!

I wish you nothing but the absolute best as you flow towards your goals and dreams in the year ahead! Here’s to your #ProjectMe ! 

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