Imagine an entire day devoted to YOU.  

You deserve this transformational day of ME time to focus on your happiness, health and wellbeing. You’ll be treated to a transformational programme of inspirational talks and workshops by top wellbeing experts on nutrition, fitness, posture and body image, sleep, mental health, and self-care.

You'll assess your own health and wellbeing goals, identify what needs your focus first, and create an action plan to put into place over the next month to keep the momentum flowing.

In this digital age it will be a breath of fresh air to make real-life connections with like-minded women who will learn, grow and lift each other higher. 

This event turns Project Me into Project WE! 


and Workshop Facilitators 

Kelly P


Kelly is the creator of Project Me, an online hub of tools, resources and inspiration. She's passionate about helping women to live happy, well balanced lives so they can thrive (not just survive). She teaches practical strategies to help you move past the day to day struggles and into a life you absolutely love. 

Kelly has put together this very special and transformative day to support your happiness, health and wellbeing. Upon arrival in the serene private members club, you'll receive your all-important 40 page Project Me Action Book. Throughout the day, Kelly will lead you to create your own personal 'ideas into action' plan so you'll go home and take those small steps that lead you to achieving your goals. 

She'll also share her special strategy to get into a positive flow of energy each day - and how to keep that energy high so you will attract all that you want in life.

Don't miss this incredible day for you

Cheryl Brooker

CHERYL BROOKER Your MC for the day 

Mother of two teenagers, Cheryl brings her contagious enthusiasm to the stage and will guide you through this wonderful day with genuine warmth and humour.

An inspiring speaker and MC, Cheryl is also a coach who supports Senior Leaders, CEOs and Owner Managers to develop leadership skills with an individual approach that works for them. 

Be prepared to be provoked (in a good way), start new conversations, and focus on yourself in ways that you may have never done before. Because mums are certainly leaders too!

Suzy Reading


Suzy is a mother of two, a Chartered Psychologist, Yoga Teacher, and Health Coach. She's also a contributing editor for Psychologies Magazine, the Psychology Expert for wellbeing brand Neom Organics, and author of ‘The Self-Care Revolution’. 

Come along to this Self-Care Masterclass and get clear on what self-care is, why you need it and how to do it. We’ll take a close look at the barriers of time, energy, expense and the most tenacious of all, guilt. You’ll leave empowered with fresh inspiration for self-care activities that are both potent and do-able.

Lucinda Miller


The NatureDoc, Lucinda Miller, will share how to find simple ways to keep you and your family nourished, healthy, and happy. It sounds obvious that we should feed ourselves a healthy diet, but in reality this rarely happens as we get busy and prioritise everyone else's needs over our own health. 

Lucinda is a mother of three children, aged from 8 to 16. She has 20 years of experience as a naturopath and gained a diploma in Naturopathic Iridology and Western Herbal Medicine (MGNI MRNI MH) from The Holistic Health College. In 2008 she gained a further diploma from Functional Medicine University and is a fully qualified NLP coach and mentor for kids with ADHD and Autism.  

She is a full member of the Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists and the British Herbal Medicine Association and the Association of Master Herbalists.  

Lucinda will help you find simple ways to look after and nourish yourself to support your physical, mental and emotional health. Learn simple eating habits and mood boosters so you can be the best version of yourself - and a positive role model to your family.

Charlene Hubstebaut


Charlene, a seasoned corporate wellness speaker, personal trainer and pilates instructor, has been teaching movement and healthy lifestyle changes for 26 years and has the expertise and know-how to help you feel fabulous. 

In this workshop, Charlene will lead you through how to use posture mindfulness for increased confidence and a positive body image. Learn the true reasons why better posture can have you feeling more confident and better about your body.  

Charlene's simple, effective and easy to use methods will have you standing and sitting taller by the end of the day - and beyond!



Sophrology Expert, Author and Mum of Eliott, Dominique Antiglio, will lead you through her workshop to teach you a unique method for unwinding and recharging your batteries. 

Defined by The Guardian as "the young dynamic cousin of mindfulness”, Sophrology is a simple mind/body method for self-development. It is already practised widely across Europe and is now gaining popularity in the UK. 

Sophrology uniquely blends breathing, relaxation, movement and visualisation to help you access a calmer you and unlock your full potential. Having benefited from Sophrology from a young age to transform her life, Dominique is also the Founder of BeSophro, a Mayfair-based Sophrology clinic with an online platform.

In this workshop, Dominique will share with you the many benefits of Sophrology and how to make good use of your ME time to transform your life. Get ready to join the Sophrology movement! 

Jemma Thomas

JEMMA THOMAS Jemma's Health Hub 

Jemma is a personal trainer and mum to two boys. She knows first hand just how hard it is to find time to fit in exercise. That's why she started her business, promoting fast fitness for busy people.  

Jemma runs a live, interactive online exercise programme called The Hub, which has helped hundreds of women with weight and inch loss, energy levels and importantly, helping them with tackling depression and PND.

Jemma will give you plenty of fresh inspiration and motivation to discover new ways to fit fitness into your busy life.


ANANDI The Sleep Guru

Alison Francis (Aka: Anandi) has been in the beauty and wellness field for 30 years. She’s an Ayurvedic practitioner, senior yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer, and founder of The Sleep Guru. She’s also a certified Chopra meditation teacher.  

Anandi knows personally what it’s like to suffer from insomnia and understands how lack of sleep ruins your creativity, affects your relationships and has serious effects on your health. She also knows that you look and feel drained when you don’t sleep well.  

She will show you how to easily create a healthy lifestyle that supports good sleep, even if you’re a busy mum and/or business woman. You’ll discover what type of sleeper you are and how to manage issues that arise due to your natural constitution.  

Anandi’s message to the world is that “you don’t need drugs for insomnia and wellbeing, you just need balance".

Kirkland Newman Smulders


Kirkland is a writer, researcher and philanthropist specialising in integrative mental health. Having suffered from post-partum depression after the birth of both her boys, she healed herself after an arduous three year journey into the world of integrative health and functional medicine.  

She's excited to share the new website she founded this year, MindHealth360, which seeks to raise awareness about the benefits of an integrative medicine approach to mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, poor memory and concentration, and provide the resources you need to heal.  

Kirkland will show you how the emerging science of integrative and functional medicine is the only sustainable way to successfully treat mental health issues -- by addressing all the factors that can impact your mental health -- whether biochemical (hormones, nutrition, toxicity, gut...), psycho-spiritual (lack of purpose, trauma...) or lifestyle behavioural (lack of sleep, poor nutrition, lack of exercise...). Let's create a revolution in the way mental health is approached and treated in mainstream medicine.


  • 9:30am: Registration, teas/coffee
  • 10:00am: Programme begins
  • 1pm: One hour lunch break 
  • 5:00pm: Programme ends; time to make further connections + author's book corner
  • 5:30pm: Doors Close - and you walk out taller, with a big smile on your face 😀


1Alfred Place

London, WC1E 7EB  

Phone: +44 (0)20 7000 1999  

One Alfred Place is a gorgeous private members club in the central London location of Fitzrovia with easy access by tube (Goodge Street / Tottenham Court Road) and National Rail (Euston or Kings Cross / St. Pancreas). 

All talks and workshops take place in a comfortably seated, light-filled room. (This is not a conference hall or exhibition-style event.) With one speaker or workshop at a time, you can fully relax and soak it all in without having to run from place to place. 

Away from your busy life, you'll have the breathing and thinking space to work through your Project Me Action Book, alone and with others, to create your personal small-steps strategy.

This is the perfect place to spend an entire Saturday and you will be warmly welcomed into this special day, designed for you.  


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Step 1: Book your ticket here

Step 2: Excitedly ink Saturday 6 October into your calendar.

Step 3: Get things organised on the home front. (Everything will be fine without you, really.)

Now take a deep breath and smile. You've got a wonderful day for YOU to look forward to! You deserve it.  

You make it

Thank you for being a part of the global Project Me tribe. 

A portion of proceeds from events, books, online courses, workshops, and retreats goes to charities that support and empower women.  

This year's primary charity is You Make It.  

You Make It empowers unemployed women with the confidence, skills, networks, knowledge, and experiences needed to realise their passions and pursue their goals.