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When I joined Marie Forleo’s B-School (on-line business school), I was looking to build a website and social media presence in order to grab the attention of a publisher for a book I wanted to write. Nothing prepared me for what was about unfold! My book idea quickly morphed into a business that has given me a real sense of purpose and drive.

Working on your own from home has the potential to feel very solitary and isolating, yet B-School runs an amazing private members forum filled with fellow female entrepreneurs from all over the world. They soon became my treasured colleagues;  supporting each others' challenges, celebrating our wins, and offering invaluable resources and help at any time, night or day, because of all of the different time zones we're in all over the world. 

I've written my own testimonial about B-School here and I am a proud to be selected as an affiliate of B-School again this year! This means I may receive a commission in the future if you join Marie's program - at no additional cost to you.

Now I want to share how this program has helped a few of my 'B-School Buddies' to create all different kinds of businesses that fit around their busy family life. I hope you'll feel as inspired by them as I am.

Vicki Knights

Photography Training for Busy Parents

Did you already have a business before you joined B-School?

Yes, I started my family & headshot photography business after the birth of my first son. Before that I’d had a career in advertising/sales for 11 years. So at the time I enrolled in B-School my business was already well-established and I was getting lots of business via Google and word of mouth.

What made you decide to join?

I had an idea for an online photography course for parents that I wanted to launch, but wasn’t sure where to start. I’ve always loved marketing, but online marketing and launching an online course was a whole different ball-game!

I loved that fact that B-School covered absolutely everything, to getting under the skin of your ideal client, to all of the tech-stuff. So instead of taking three or four different courses, I could just cover everything by taking B-School.

I'd been watching Marie TV for some time (which Kelly kindly introduced me to) and always loved Marie’s warm-hearted advice and astute business knowledge.

The community was also a big selling point to me. The fact that I could be involved in local B-School groups close to me, B-School Photographers, B-School Mamas and those starting an online course. Whatever question I had, there was always someone to answer it!

What were your hesitations?

The investment was of course a big consideration. When I told friends and family how much it was, they were surprised I would consider paying that for an online course. The funny thing is, no-one would bat an eyelid if I was paying that for an in-person course, and yet I got all of the same benefits (and more) than I would if this had been a face-to-face workshop with Marie.

What were your BIGGEST benefits from doing B-School?

There were so many! I loved the structure of the course, the videos are so engaging, I looked forward each week to the new modules being released.

I launched my online photography course for parents in early 2015 and thanks to everything I learnt on B-School it was a big success! I knew exactly who I was targeting, how to engage them and how to create content that they would love, plus how to ensure they had a great experience.

I love the fact that I can now teach photography to parents all over the world and from the comfort of their own homes!

B-School also helped me in all other aspects of my business, not just my online course launch. I feel now I have a much better understanding of my ideal clients and how to delight them.

I also love the fact that you can take the course every year after you’ve enrolled. Each year I go through B-School again and I always learn something new.

Helen Joy Butler 


Sanctuary Creator and Elemental Space Clearer®

Did you already have a business before you joined B-School?

Yes I did. I had been running my business Clutter Rescue for nearly six years when I did B School.

What made you decide to join?

I was at a crossroads in my business and knew something needed to change. I loved my work but I knew I was able to offer my clients (and myself) more. When B School came into my awareness I looked into it and ultimately signed up. I gave myself six months to fall in love with my business again – and I did!

What were your hesitations?

I had studied a Masters of Business Administration, specialising in ecommerce, entrepreneurship, HR and marketing, and worked as an Instructional and Educational Designer putting tertiary courses fully online, prior to starting my business. I mean, was there anything B School could teach me? (Note: I couldn’t have been more wrong about that!)

I hadn’t even heard of Marie Forleo and B School until about eight weeks prior to the course starting. I had no idea who Marie was and whether the cost of the program was worth it. But I knew I needed to do something to revive my business and passion so I trusted my instinct and went for it.

What were your BIGGEST benefits from doing B-School?

Connecting with lovely business owners, entrepreneurs and dreamers from around the world, like the lovely Kelly from Project Me, was definitely the biggest benefit I received from doing B School. Yes the content was incredible, and the thought and care put into the learning resources second to none – but it’s the friendships and connections I've made to this day that have truly been the biggest benefit for me.

Dr Kristy Goodwin,


Expert on Kids and Digital Technology

Did you already have a business before you joined B-School?

Yes, I had just started out a couple of months before and felt overwhelmed by the enormous task of running a business.

What made you decide to join?

I have a teaching and academic background and NO business experience whatsoever.  B-School looked like a great way to develop my business knowledge and I had some friends who did it and raved about the community. The online delivery method was particularly appealing, as a Mum with a little baby at home and a burning desire to build a business.

What were your hesitations?

The investment was quite significant at the time, as I was on maternity leave and my business wasn't generating a lot of money at this point in time. Have to say, it was totally worth the investment.

What were your BIGGEST benefits from doing B-School?

The online community was brilliant and continues to be a source of support today. I learnt a wealth of information about how to market and grow my business.

Patty Monahan

Our Whole Village
Founder & Chief World Explorer

Did you already have a business before you joined B-School?

I had started my travel business a few months before, but wanted a framework that would help me bring a partner and other contributors on board.

What made you decide to join?

The community. It was exciting to be part of a tribe of other creative and motivated entrepreneurs.

What were your hesitations?

I had already developed a business plan. Honestly, I didn't know if I needed it to purchase yet another course.

It turned out to be a great investment!

What were your BIGGEST benefits from doing B-School?

It validated my initial ideas and helped me expand my action plan, especially with regards to content creation and digital marketing.

It also connected me with and brought me closer to like-minded entrepreneurs.

Jennifer Hemphill


Money Coach

Did you already have a business before you joined?

Yes, but I was in the early stages and let me tell you I was STRUGGLING. When I started learning how to run an online business I was dealing with information overload. There was so much to learn and I didn't know where to start. I was being told I needed to build an online course (which I did) but what wasn't emphasized was the need for an email list. B-School gives you not only the foundation but a clear place to start.

What made you decide to join?

I had been wanting to join for a while and decided “why not?” Because I was stuck and struggling, I knew this investment could only help.

What were your hesitations?

Initially the investment was a hesitation and the fact that I had already purchased some other classes that I had not completed. I committed to not only progressing forward with my business, but to finishing the content offered in B-School.

What were your BIGGEST benefits from doing B-School?

Filling in the gaps of business that I was missing and the community and connections I have made, like Kelly was a HUGE benefit! It's nice to know that you have business friends that get you, support you and cheer you on along the way. Kelly has definitely been this cheerleader and support for me.

Beryl Ayn Young


Did you already have a business before you joined? 

I had been teaching my Momtography™ photography class locally for about a year and a half. I also had one small online program under my belt, a photography class for grieving moms after the loss of a baby during pregnancy.

I was looking to uplevel my programs to the place where I could replace my day job income (I was an elementary school teacher) and work on my business full time from home. My main goal going into B-school was the take my local Momtography™ class and create an online version.

What made you decide to join B-School?

My business mentor at the time took it the year before I did and had some huge successes in her business. Based on her feedback and guidance that I was 'ready' for all B-school offered I decided to take the leap and do it.

What were your hesitations?

The financial commitment. It was a HUGE amount of money for someone bootstrapping and just starting out. I was worried about if I'd make my investment back and how exactly that would play out.

What were your BIGGEST benefits from doing B-School?

Defining my client and learning how to market myself in the online space. I grew the courage and confidence to network more (both with fellow B-schoolers and with business owners in my niche) and I learned the skills that would support me in connecting most effectively with my ideal customers.

I found it most helpful to go into B-school with a clear goal in mind. Because of that goal I was able to successfully pull off a 5-figure launch the following year and quit my day job feeling reassured in my path forward.

Mariah Dolan

Mariah Dolan


Health & Fitness Coach for Mothers

Did you already have a business before you joined B-School?

I had no business prior to B-school which was why I joined!

At the time, I had a newborn, 2, 4 and 6 year old—I must have been crazy! But that's the beauty of B-school; no artificial pacing that you have to follow. You simply do what you can when you can.

I'm a physical therapist and personal trainer by trade so I knew I wanted to do something in the health and fitness arena but didn't know what. B-school helped map that out for me.

I help busy moms incorporate healthy habits into their everyday lifestyle.​ ​I'm ​dedicated to helping women everywhere see how radiant and energetic their lives can be​ ​with kids.​ ​I​ ​believe in taking small actionable steps towards healthy goals in order to create lasting results.

What made you decide to join B-School?

I had a wonderful mentor who sung its praises! In fact, everywhere I looked around, people were singing its praises. Word of mouth is the determining factor whether or not somebody purchases something. So, I knew I had a slam dunk here.

What were your hesitations?

The cost. It's a lot of money—at least it was to me with four young children. But here's how I saw it: "The money I'm investing here isn't going to bankrupt us. And more importantly, once done with B-school I'll have the skills to continually quadruple that money."

What were your BIGGEST benefits from doing B-School?

Creating a passive income each month! I was tired of exchanging time for a paycheck and having caps on my potential earnings. Seriously, one huge game changer. (The tax benefits of having your own business alone make it worth the investment!)

Jennifer Hill

Jennifer Hill


Virtual Assistant

Did you already have a business before you joined B-School? 

I started B-School as I was completing the IIN Health Coaching Program. My original plan was to do Health Coaching full time. With very limited resources, I taught myself how to do all of the tech things, including building my own website. I was pretty successful, had a local TV show on healthy living, plenty of 1:1 clients, and a hearty online program, but it was a time-consuming path that was challenging as a busy mom!

One day some B-School buddies asked me to help them with some of their online tech issues & marketing. I started slowly to offer things that people needed help with. Once I realized the need out there for the kind of help I could offer, I made a business out of it, and let the Health Coaching go.

My VA work was something I could do at night when the kids were in bed, and not scramble to find babysitters. My experience as a Health Coach has been invaluable in my work with clients who are also building their own HC practices.

In my current business I am a "Magical VA to Creative Entrepreneurs." I do everything from scheduling blog posts, editing, ghost writing, translating into Spanish, running Social Media accounts, setting up online courses, and to building and maintaining websites.

What made you decide to join?

I joined B-School because I had followed Marie Forleo for about a year before and fell in love with her sassy + smart marketing style. As a teacher, I appreciate Marie's approach to teaching skills: she offers visuals, humor, stories, examples, many voices, and actionable steps. I also respect how she encourages doing business from the heart, rather than from a money-hungry perspective.

What were your hesitations?

As a busy single mom with young kids and a full-time job, I was worried about time commitment. I also had some self-doubt as to whether I had what it took to really do the entrepreneur thing. However, one huge bonus is that I can access the modules at any time, and as Marie says, "there's no 'behind' in B-School!". My business has morphed so much over the years, and now I am on this exciting and creative path that is leading me towards being able to turn this into my full-time gig. (I say "gig"and not "job," because it doesn't feel like work, it feels more like creating art!)

What were your BIGGEST benefits from doing B-School?

The unlimited access to the program is HUGE. Also, the community of B-Schoolers has been such an amazing place to make connections. I have made friends through the B-Schoolers group that have become mentors, clients, coaches, and support networks to me.

I cannot recommend this program enough! Marie has a way of breaking the complicated things down to bite-sized chunks. She also keeps it real, keeps you laughing and inspired. I have jumped back in every year after and I always take away more valuable and applicable nuggets. Do it! You might not even know what you want to do as a business, but I guarantee you will figure it out along the way. Marie has a way of getting you to narrow down your skills to find your own special "thing." And if price is an issue, you will not find a more valuable program for the same amount of money. You will earn it back. It's an invaluable investment in yourself.

These are just a handful of my B-School buddies and I could have added several more but this blog post would have turned into War & Peace! I hope they've inspired you to check out B-School and see more of what it's all about.

★ B School only opens for new enrolment once a year, in February.

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