Master Your To-Do List

Always have a never-ending to-do list running through your head? Feel like you’re spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere?

Being a busy mother isn’t easy.

You’ve got a lot more to deal with than just your own stuff. You’ve got everyone else in the family to think about too! Appointments to make, stuff to buy, things that need organising… Not to mention all of those unfinished projects that always get shoved on the backburner because there’s never enough time. 

If you’re also working or studying, you’ll have a whole separate to-do list relating to that! 

You end up feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Like there are never enough hours in the day to get it all done.You end up procrastinating on the important (but boring) jobs and feel like you never getting the ‘right’ stuff done. Then there’s the guilt that you’ve let important stuff fall through the cracks again. It’s enough to make your head explode. 

Here’s something that’ll help you stop chasing your tail and make you feel clear-headed and relieved

After a single, one-hour Master Your To-Do List Workshop you’ll…

    • Have a fresh approach to your time management.
    • Keep all of your to-dos in one easily accessible place. (Forget about post-it notes, messy notebooks or digital apps that don’t work for you.)
    • Use a system of prioritisation so you’ll know what you can drop, ignore, delegate or focus on each day. 
    • Have a clear plan for getting projects off the ground – and finished.
    • Combine mindfulness with productivity so you’re calmer and more present with your kids. 

Whew! Won’t that feel amazing?!

Here’s what you’ll get with this Master Your To-Do List Workshop: 

  • A pre-call questionnaire to identify your productivity hurdles so we can get you over them fast. This is a personalised session based on your life. 
  • 60 minute 1:1 video session with me where I’ll teach you my amazingly simple method for keeping track of those to-dos. Together we’ll input and prioritise your tasks and break those projects down into small steps so you’ll actually do them. You’ll learn a weekly and daily system for time management that will put you in much better control of your busy life. 
  • Finally, we’ll sync your list to your phone so you’ve got it on-the-go. Never again will you fly out the door and leave your list behind. You can complete and add tasks as you’re out and about. 
  • PLUS you’ll get my fabulous follow-up of personalised To-Do List Tips to keep it going long term. I’m here to support you.

Throw away those messy post-it notes! Stop re-writing lists over and over again!

This is the exact system I created five years ago to keep track of my own to-dos and I’ve never looked back. It has honestly changed my life and now I’ve taught it to women all over the world.

If you want to stop diving blindly into each day and get proactive about improving your productivity and time management, book in for a well deserved Master Your To-Do List Workshop.  

I’m offering this personal productivity mentoring session for £169 GBP.  (That’s approx. $223 USD / $298 Australian /190€ euros  – use a currency converter to get today’s exchange rate.)

Remember, this is a 1:1 session where we focus on you and your unique productivity struggles. 

When you upgrade your productivity, you improve not only your own life – but the rest of your family’s too.

Ready to get on top of it all?  Let’s do it!

To get started all you need to do is click here to make your secure payment with PayPal:

Once you’ve paid, click on ‘Return to Project Me‘ in the PayPal window. That’ll take you straight to my online scheduler where you can choose a day and time for your private workshop session. If you don’t see a slot that suits your time zone, jot me a note in the space provided. We’ll make it happen.

Don’t have PayPal? Not a problem. Email me and I’ll send you bank transfer details.

We’ll be using Zoom Video Conferencing and there’s nothing you have to do except join with the link I’ll send you.

I’m so confident that you’re going to love this session that I’m offering a money-back guarantee. If you’re not 100% happy with your new to-do list method, just let me know within 30 days of your session and I’ll give you a full refund. I’d never want to take your money if you’re not happy. 



*I’m now also offering Evernote training sessions! We’ll share our screens in Skype and within one hour you’ll be all set up and running with my other favourite productivity app.  Evernote will save you from tearing things out of magazines and newspapers, eliminating paper clutter. It also completely replaces internet bookmarks by clipping webpages directly into categorised notebooks for easy retrieval. I’ve got a recipes notebook, work research, travel research, books, movies & TV show recommendations, fashion, health and beauty, etc etc. No more using the notes app on your phone! No more bookmarking web pages. Once you get started, the possibilities are endless. Use the same PayPal link above, book your one hour slot and in the comments of the scheduler make a note that you have chosen the Evernote training session. Same money back guarantee. 



Want to hear about how others have benefitted from my Master Your To Do List workshop?

“I’d definitely recommend this workshop to anyone who feels like their list of things to do is taking over their life. For the first time in memory I feel like I’ve got a plan to tackle everything that has been crammed in my head for the last few years. I felt like I was stuck in a hole and you’ve passed down a rope ladder. I’ve got to do the work to get out (rope ladders aren’t the easiest things to climb!) but I know that if I take it steady I’ll make it to the top. And that’s a really good feeling! Thank you so much.” – Melanie, UK (mum of two)

“It feels so good to have a central place to keep track of my to-dos and to have it available on both my laptop and phone. I love being able to mark things as done! My general sense of complete overwhelm has diminished, it all feels more manageable, and I know it will only get better! You’re so honest and real and I know that’s what makes you so great to work with.” – Carrie, USA (mom of three)

“Since our session I’ve had this almost weightlessness feeling. And I know this has to do with my uncontrollable To Do List having an organized plan of attack. You can’t imagine the exhale I experienced after our session which accompanied me as I’ve crossed off items on my list. What a gift!” – Carolina, Germany (mother of one) 

I was nervous that I’d be a techno-dimwit or wouldn’t be able to implement your strategies, but it was fun and easy! My to-do list is structured and organised in such a way that I’m confident that everything is captured in one place and that what I’m working on is what I need to be working on. I feel much more in control and less overwhelmed. I’ve also been able to see where I’m carrying tasks that could really be delegated. I’d recommend this to anyone who needs some motivation and direction with managing their to-do list and goals. I think most people would benefit from an hour of your focused attention and input on whatever area of productivity they’re struggling with.” – Catherine, UK (mum of two) 

“I’m so much more organised and love having a system I can trust. You were very encouraging, motivating and you made it fun. I’ve taken my head out of the sand now and have the confidence to take on other things. This is a definite life changer.” – Fiona, UK (mum of three)

“I want to say a huge THANK YOU for a great session. I came off the call all fired-up and practically skipped to school singing your praises! To be honest, I was a little apprehensive about talking face to face with someone I’d never met before. (Hard to imagine now, as you’re just so personable, and so NICE, that I felt totally at ease right away). The results have already been brilliant. It’s all very good for my self-esteem – I feel as though I’m actually doing something worthwhile and visible for once.”    – Suzie D., UK (mum of four and creator of effective lego and toy storage solutions 

“I got so much more out of the session than I’d expected given that I’m pretty on the ball when it comes to planning and organizing. You shared so many practical time-saving tips and got me excited to jump right in and implement this system in every aspect of my life. I also love how down to earth and supportive you are. I’ve already recommended this to several other busy mompreneurs.” – Catalina, South Africa (mom of one and owner of  

“Everything you recommended was super easy to use and, most importantly, easy to keep up too.  It’s so simple, yet so effective. It’s truly amazing how one aspect of your day to day can impact other areas of your life. Because I’m now in control, I’m definitely more patient with my kids (and my husband!) and so much more productive! There’s a sense of being in control and at peace and it feels amazing. Such a welcome change from feeling overwhelmed and rushed all the time. Thank you!”  – Patty M, USA (mom of two and creator of 

“I would highly recommend this to any Mama out there – whether you’re a business owner, at home with little ones, or juggling a job with childcare drop offs. This helps you get clear on your priorities and feel on top of things again. I loved how clear everything was! You whizzed through everything at the perfect speed – I felt inspired by the actions, and that everything was achievable. I was also totally blown away with how much EXTRA you gave me. Since this workshop, I’m now putting all of my various post-it notes, pieces of paper and random ideas in one place and have a clear and concise way to organise them. I also have a structure to use to stay on top of things and make sure all areas of my life are being taken care of.  A BIG thank you Kelly!” – Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, Australia (mum of three and creator of 

Still not sure? Please email me:   I’m happy to answer any of your Qs!


Kelly Pietrangeli is the creator of Project Me for Busy Mothers, helping women find a happier balance between the kids – and everything else.
Mixing practicality with self-awareness, Kelly helps mothers get on top of their endless to-do’s and see life beyond the laundry pile.

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