4 Ways To Be A Great Goalkeeper

4 Ways To Be A Great Goalkeeper

In our Goal Setting for Busy Mothers blog series we’ve been going through some of the great ways you can set goals that’ll make your day to day easier and happier.

If you’ve been following along and doing your ‘homework’, you must be feeling a lot more clear headed and excited about life right now. We wanna hear you say YES! (Say YES!)

And if you’re just getting started on Designing Your Year, you can head back over here as soon as you’re ready.

Listen, we were once goal rookies too. We knew we should be writing goals down (and that was a great start!), but we didn’t really get that reaching our goals didn’t have to be a hit or miss deal.

We wish we knew years ago what we know now about how to stick to goals long term. But hey – life’s a big ‘ol opportunity to learn and grow. And you, our lucky friend, can ride on our shirt tails and take the shortcut.

Here’s our 4 ways to be a great goalkeeper and make your goals stickier than a porn show floor.

1. Create great habits

Mastin Kipp of the Daily Love writes: “The outcome of our lives is based on our rituals. That is – the habits we have every day.”  (We agree!)  

So, which of your goals could use some rituals to turn them into great habits? Write them down and make a plan.

- To get into a fitness habit, create a weekly ritual of scheduling in your sessions, lay your gym clothes out the night before and climb straight into them when you get up. Don’t think about it, just do it. (Kelly even throws her gym pass lanyard around her neck and wears it down to breakfast to show she means business.)

– If your goal is to bring more intimacy into your marriage, create a ritual of kissing him goodbye each morning and reconnecting again when you see each other later.

- To get a meal planning habit, create a ritual of doing it on a set day each and every week without fail.

- If you want to ‘start your day in a positive way’, set your alarm clock earlier than you need to and override all urges to hit snooze. (Work that willpower muscle!)

– Once you’ve finally cleaned up your email inbox, create a daily habit of reading, replying, filing or deleting. (NB: This is a huge goal for Kelly this year. You can join her in the Email Inbox Challenge coming soon.)

2. Take baby steps

We talked about the importance of chunking bigger goals down into smaller actionable steps in Turn Your Goals Into Reality. Once you’ve taken the first three steps  – don’t stop there. Print off a fresh Ideas Into Action planner and write down the next three steps after that.

Keep the momentum going!

3. Review your goals

You know that saying ‘A dog’s not just for Christmas’? Well goals are not just for January! Create a monthly ritual of reviewing your goals and always keep your Ideas Into Action planner in sight (not buried under a mass of papers).

Stick those actions up where you can see them. Look at them everyday. (Suzie puts her list on the noticeboard right above her desktop screen where she can’t help but see it all the time!)

Print out a new Ideas Into Action when you need to add more steps so it looks fresh and inspiring (not a crossed out mess).

Schedule a goals review once a month and set a reminder.

4. Share your goals

Don’t keep ‘em to yourself – tell other people! Having accountability for your goals is a huge factor in actually achieving them.

Share them with your kids / husband / personal trainer / hairdresser.

Kelly told her family about her goal to stop shouting at the kids so she’d have to apologise and admit her mistake when it happened. And it happened a lot less.

Suzie told her yoga students about her goal to run 10k this year. One of them sent her a link to the British 10k run in London this July. She’s just signed up and will be running to raise money for their official charity Help for Heroes. Training starts now!

Final tip: If you have a setback or a week where you haven’t made any progress – beating yourself up is not the way forward.

Breathe deeply and carry on.

The most successful people pick themselves up every single time and get back on track.

Our Monday Motivator is a great way to help you stick to your goals. Each week we send a little reminder to put the focus on you. Pop your deets in the box below. There’s no catch and we’d never share your details with anyone else. No way Jose.



Now we’d love to hear from you – which of these 4 sticky tips will you commit to doing? Leave a goal here and get some public accountability!

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