My Child Loves Spinach For Breakfast (And Yours Will Too!)

My Child Loves Spinach For Breakfast (And Yours Will Too!)
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Can you imagine your kid slurping spinach as an after-school snack? Or enjoying kale and broccoli for breakfast?

I certainly never dreamed of it, yet my 12 year old is now one of the many kids jumping on the green smoothie bandwagon. Blending up some leafy greens + fruit + a liquid base = a delicious smoothie.

Who doesn’t want their child to have a strong immune system and loads of energy when they set off for school each morning?

If yours hasn’t tried it yet, here are my top tips for turning your child into a green smoothie junkie.

1. Get them fully involved in the creative process.

Click onto where they can choose their smoothie by mouthwatering photos. If they’re old enough, ask them to write down the ingredients you’ll need to buy for their selections. Value their opinion. You may need to empathise with their resistance to adding the greens, but let them know kids worldwide are going crazy for them so it must be worth a try!

2. Foster Self Reliance.

With a measuring cup it’s easy to teach them how to pack 2 cups of greens with 2 cups of liquid and how to blitz that up first before adding in their chosen fruits and extras. Back off as much as possible and let them be in charge. Don’t worry about the mess. They’ll get the hang of it quickly.

3. Let them be Chief Taster.

Value their opinion. What might it need more of? Extra raspberries? Peanut butter? Honey to make it sweeter? Really value their opinion as the Chief Taster.

4. Try, try again!

All smoothies are not created equal. If they don’t like one, that’s alright. 

Keep going the next day and try a different recipe of their choice. Make it an after-school project to create the perfect smoothie.

5. Make it super easy

Pre wash and freeze individual portions of spinach, kale, grapes, chopped pineapple, mango, etc. Buy frozen berries and keep all smoothie-making ingredients in one section of the freezer so they can get to it easily. Never throw away an over ripe banana. Just pop it in the freezer until it’s time to make a smoothie! Using frozen ingredients means there’s no need to add ice.

Simple Green Smoothies shows great recipe ideas including Kid Friendly ones to start with.

After they’ve mastered it, you can back off and let smoothie making be their speciality. It teaches them self reliance, gives them pride and provides a healthy option for breakfasts and snacks.

My 12 year old is our Green Smoothie Master and has his own notebook of favourite creations. He’s filled with nutrition and pride in one gulp!

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In the comments below, let us know if your kids like Green Smoothies? Do they make them by themselves? Do they have a favourite recipe? And what about YOU? Are you into Green Smoothies?

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6 Responses to My Child Loves Spinach For Breakfast (And Yours Will Too!)

  1. Clare says:

    I am going to try this Kelly, I think my oldest will be into it. Thanks so much. I’ll report back x x

  2. Erika says:

    This is great advice and the best gift you can give your child is a healthy habit!!! I like the ideas for making it easier. For my daughters smoothies we add beetroot and call it “pink juice!”

  3. Jules says:

    Juices versus Smoothies – I have read that juicers are better than blenders as you retain more of the goodness. Can you recommend a good juicer for me to invest & start our green health diet??

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