Unleash Your Inner Warrior Woman In 6 Easy Steps

Unleash Your Inner Warrior Woman In 6 Easy Steps
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Do you ever lack confidence or experience self-doubt? Find it hard to say no or stand up for yourself? Are you the sucker who gets roped into doing things you don’t want to?

It’s time to discover your Inner Warrior Woman.

She’s the one that makes great decisions, takes no shit, stands up for herself, values her time and controls her life. The problem is, she doesn’t get a chance to shine often enough when she’s locked inside and can’t get out.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend a 4-day “Unleash The Power Within” seminar by the amazingly inspirational Anthony Robbins. If you don’t know Tony yet, get to know him!

I was blown away by his ability to make an entire hall of 7,000 people feel fearless and strong. We even walked on fire! (How’s that for proving the theory of mind over matter?!)

He taught us a technique for creating a new empowered inner persona. You can pull this out of the bag whenever you need to be strong – and it works.

I like to think of this as unleashing your Inner Warrior Woman! Ready to give it a try?

1. Sit up straight.

Come on, do it right now wherever you are. Shoulders back, chin lifted, head held steady.

2. Put your hand on your chest between your two collar bones.

This is where your Inner Warrior Woman lives. Now draw your shoulders back a little further. It’s a very subtle movement but it’ll shift your energy.

3. Breathe in deeply and feel yourself becoming more powerful.

Now breathe out smooth and steady, keeping your position strong.

4. Now you’re going to name your brave and confident alter-ego.

What’s she called? Don’t overthink it. If you’re drawing a blank, think of someone who already embodies fearlessness to you. An actress or character in a book or movie? A super model, athlete or singer? Someone you know?

5. Once you’ve got your new name, notice what it feels like to be her.

How does she hold herself? How does she breathe? How does she think?

This girl rocks. She kicks ass. She stands up for herself and creates boundaries. No-one walks all over her.

She’s the master of her time, she’s focused and on task.  She asks for what she needs. She knows how to say no.

6. As you feel her rise to the surface, say to yourself – out loud if you can:  ‘I freaking rock!’

Say it again with more oomph: ‘I FREAKING ROCK!!!’

Embrace how it feels to be ______ (insert name).  From now on you’re going to unleash her a lot more often.

It’s been only a few days since I adopted my new Inner Warrior Woman name: Sasha.

It was the first name that came to mind and I love how it sounds on my lips. Sasha! I like how I feel when I’m her and already I’ve been able to channel Sasha in a few situations. It’s empowering!

The day after I returned from Tony Robbins I met up with my Power Posse for our monthly friends coaching session. One of them was facing an incredibly challenging situation where she needed to create some very firm boundaries and be able to say no with steely confidence.

I quickly took her through the six steps above and before we knew it, ‘Lara’ was born. (Her chosen warrior name inspired by by Lara Croft of Tomb Raider! Woo hoo!)

‘Lara’ is already reporting back fantastic results. By becoming her alter-ego she’s reclaiming her power. No one else has to know about her secret weapon (it’s more powerful that way), but even the subtle shift in her posture changes her energy and puts her in a stronger position.

Creating a new empowering alter-ego will help you interrupt old patterns of behaviour and reinforce new ones. After a while you and your Inner Warrior Woman will merge to become an awesome blend of what’s always been great about you and the new empowered you.

You’ll be an outstanding version of you.

Are you ready to channel your Inner Warrior Woman? What’s her name? Commit to positive change by leaving a comment below. We’re always here rooting for you!

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Kelly Pietrangeli

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8 Responses to Unleash Your Inner Warrior Woman In 6 Easy Steps

  1. Ann says:

    Jamie Summer to the rescue!

  2. I’m a dude, but I’ll make mine gender-neutral, and simply, E. I think when people get to know me, they often call me by the first letter of my first name, and it’s always made me feel more authentic.

    He will be kicking arse the rest of the day.

  3. Lucy says:

    Danielle! (LaPorte!) Watch out world! xo

  4. Lori says:

    My inner warrior/alter ego is Lara! She is far gutsier than I am;)!

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