Become Your Own Body Whisperer

Become Your Own Body Whisperer
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Do you have aches and pains? Digestive issues? Bad eating habits, poor sleep? Does your monthly cycle flatten you? Do you catch every bug going around?

Your body is just trying to get your attention. Symptoms and sensations are the language of the body. Are you listening – or just carrying on, hoping it gets better on it’s own?

Just like your car has little warning lights to tell you what’s wrong, your body sends you signals.

But when life gets busy and you have so much else on your plate –  you override these symptoms, and then they get bigger, then they start YELLING!

Your pains become chronic, your sleep is a mess, unwanted eating habits feel out of control. It’s hard to be a happy mama when you’re just not feeling good.

But what if there’s a better way?

What if you didn’t have to wait for your body to start hollering.

What if you actually knew your body’s language so well that you could understand and respond to it, even when it whispers

Some people are excellent body whisperers. Have you ever been with someone who has a severe allergy – and as soon as they smell or taste even the tiniest bit of their allergen – their body reacts? They stop right away. They are listening to the whispers of their body, because they know they can’t afford to wait ’til their body starts yelling.

The reality is that none of us can afford to wait until our body starts yelling. We may not be faced with an immediate life-and-death issue like an extreme allergy, but every day we are facing the choice of living fully, or going numb to our body’s needs.

So, how do you become a body whisperer?

How do you ‘tune into your body’ to hear what it has to say?

There are 5 simple steps that can turn you into a body whisperer.

1) Create a body-honoring mindset

That means that you are coming to your body with the attitude that it has something valuable to tell you. It is not your servant, but a partner in all that you do. Approaching your body with honor and respect, like a wonderful, wise friend, will open the door to having a positive relationship with your body.

2) Breathe Consciously

There’s nothing like paying attention to your breath to turn your attention towards your body. When we breathe with awareness, we reorient ourselves to our inner world versus our external world. Whether you turn your attention to your breath during exercise or in meditation, during a meal or even sitting at a red light, taking a moment to keenly focus on your breath connects you to sensation – to your body’s language. Take a deep conscious breath in and out right now to see how this feels.

3) Pay attention to sensation

All those dull aches, sharp pains, zany gurgles and waves of pleasure are exactly how your body talks. Each every-day run-of-the-mill body sensation is the constant whispering of your body. If the body came with an instruction booklet, sensation would be it.

4) Make space

The reality is that some of those sensations you start tuning in to will be uncomfortable and it’s tempting to tune right back out. It’s human nature to move away from discomfort. However, to be a body whisperer, you have to allow your body sensations to be felt fully. When you make space for your internal experience, then you can access the wisdom of your body’s whispers.

5) Listen for the wisdom in the sensations

Within the sensations of our body, is wisdom – basically a message of what we need or feel. All of us have access to that wisdom in different ways. Some of us experience our ‘knowing’ as images. Some perceive words, and for others, when they listen into their sensation, they experience an emotion. The way your body speaks is uniquely yours. Just ask it what it wants to tell you and then wait for the answer. It will come.

If you’ve been on the ‘outs’ with your body for a while, be patient while your re-establish good communication. The more you honor your body and listen for all it’s whispers, the more it can guide you to make choices that support you to live your best life.

In the comments below tell us how you feel about becoming a Body Whisperer? Do you tend to ignore your body’s signals or are you becoming more aware? Do you need support with getting back on talking terms with your body? Nina will answer all of your questions, so ask away! 

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Kelly Pietrangeli

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12 Responses to Become Your Own Body Whisperer

  1. Nina, thanks for this post.
    Many years ago B.C. (Before Children!) I was offered a free consultation with a health coach. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with me, so wasn’t quite sure what he’d help me with. By the end of the consultation a light bulb switched on inside me. I’d been living with so many random symptoms for so long I just thought of them as normal.
    I only poo’d a few times a week, never ever daily. I had very frequent headaches which I took tablets for. I had bad foot and feminine odours that I used sprays for. I had a bloated tummy much of the time and often couldn’t wear certain clothes as I couldn’t do up the zip. I had bad skin. My periods were horrible. I had bad PMS.
    Yet I didn’t think of any of this as my body trying to tell me something! That health coach set me straight and by making a few small changes, all of those things disappeared and have never returned 🙂
    I’m happy you’re inspiring women to pay attention to their bodies. I hope this post motivates a few more to take some first steps towards putting things right for their health and wellbeing.

    • Kelly, I’m honored to be featured on your wonderful blog.
      It is so powerful when we get the support and guidance to truly listen to our bodies and treat it/her well!

  2. Ellie says:

    Interesting. I have cut out sugar to try to be less tired (yes, I am that desperate), and am now working on cutting out dairy (hard) and gluten (easier when you don’t eat dairy). I sleep less now. But the thing that’s really woken me up lately is using a pedometer-type device. Mine is a Fitbit but there are a number of similar products and brands out there. I discovered that most days I only walk a fraction of the recommended daily amount. And walking the full amount and having it measured (you can see the readouts beamed to a “dashboard” on a personal account on the Fitbit website) is what’s made me really sit up and take notice of exercise. And I am reaping the benefits even after only a couple of weeks.

    • Ellie,

      I love how you are using different techniques to be in a real and honest relationship with your body.

      Cutting out sugar, dairy and gluten moves us away from craving driven eating and towards what our body really needs.

      Getting moving allows us to start really listening to our body’s needs and desires.

      It’s takes all different strategies to create a positive and healthy relationship with our bodies.

  3. Adrienn says:

    Hmm… first let me put down the chocolat bar. My body reacts with eczema everytime I’m stressed out or not taking good care of myself.
    Such excellent advise on how to listen more deeply! Loving the “Body honoring mindset “!

    • Body-honoring mindset is where it’s at! I’m so glad you love it Adrienn.

      I too react badly with chocolate, and it’s been a real journey to learn to truly respect my body’s needs, and walk away from the chocolate, even when there’s so much pleasure to be had.

      Thanks so much for your comment.

  4. Stacey says:

    I absolutely LOVE this! I have been listening to my body better over the last couple of years and have made many changes. (Dietary, hormonal, exercise.) As a result, I feel better than I have in years. I’m even training for my first full marathon, something I never thought I would be able to do. Every once in a while, I forget to listen, but when I start feeling yucky again, it’s a good reminder to listen to my body again! Great post!!

    • Thanks for your warm words Stacey!
      Isn’t it amazing how our body rebels “feeling yucky” when we stop listening? Each of us has a version of what feeling yucky is…and that is our body yelling at us to pay attention. I love how you have really stepped into a positive relationship with your body!

  5. Great post – having just returned from the F X Myer clinic in Austria I knew I had to stop and listen to what my body was telling me and 10 days flushing out the digestive system I have come back feeling energised and cleansed and with my skin bright and eyes shining. This post reminds me to keep up the good work I have started and chew my food 20X before swallowing! Also need to get that FITBIT back out and on charge again. Thanks for the reminder

    • Stopping and rebooting the body is such a powerful way to get back into a listening and respectful relationship with ourselves. Good for you for taking such good care of yourself Elaine!

  6. Kristy says:

    Such an important life lesson to listen to your body.. It certainly knows what you need most of all.

    I had a recent health scare and it really made me (forced me I should say) to tune back in to what my body was telling me.

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