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10 Fast Ways To Cut A Crappy Mood

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Want to shake a sh***y mood? Pissed off with feeling pissed off? Want to snap out of it?

Cool. You’ve just taken the first step.

Recognising that you’re in a crappy state of mind means you can do something about it. Now.

This is something I’ve been working on myself. Busting out of a funk and getting to a more positive place is tricky. But I’m getting there.

I’m learning to actively shift my state of mind to stop my foul mood in its tracks. Some things work better than others at different times, so I’ve got a number of mood-boosting tools to pull out of the box.[more]

5 Ways to Make Working From Home Work For You

5 Ways to Make Working From Home Work For You
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I’m chained to my desk. Four days have passed without leaving the house and I barely noticed. I ate Saturday’s leftovers for lunch because there’s no food in the fridge. My kids think their mother’s gone AWOL, my husband feels like he’s flying solo (he is) and my friends think I’ve dropped off the face of the earth.

Right now there’s an excellent reason for this – I’ve been giving my all to our new baby – Project Me. (The irony of working on a website that encourages busy mothers to find balance is not lost on me!)

But the patience and goodwill of my nearest and dearest is not unlimited. I know that if I carry on working at this pace it’ll compromise my relationships.

That’s why I’m setting myself some clear rules around work –  and reclaiming me time and we time in the process.

Finding ways to drag myself away from work is tough. I love what I do and, if I’m honest, most days I’d rather be writing blogs than cooking the family dinner.

So what’s the key to working from home effectively and keeping everyone happy?[more]

Step Off That Hamster Wheel and Focus on YOU!

Step Off That Hamster Wheel and Focus on YOU!
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Do your days often look like this?

School run. Back home. Clear the kitchen. Throw in laundry. Back to school with forgotten lunch-box. Post office. Dry cleaners. Buy milk. Prep dinner. Back to school. Ferry one to swim club. Take other to playdate…

Dealing with your family’s needs is never ending. But what about you? How do you look after yourself?

You may think you don’t have time, but you need to make time. You need to start taking care of yourself now. When you spend so much time looking after others, refueling your own tank is vital – a mama running on empty is just gonna crash and burn. Then you’re no use to yourself, or to anyone else.

It’ll never feel like the right time to put yourself on the front burner.

But listen up, self care isn’t selfish. It’s non-negotiable. It’s about respecting yourself enough to realise that caring for you is as important as caring for your family.[more]

Re-Boot Your Social Life After Kids

Re-Boot Your Social Life After Kids
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Get real. Your PC (post children) social life is not going to look the same as those BC (before children) days, when your biggest decision was where to go for brunch or which movie to see.

But your fun doesn’t have to be limited to takeaway and a night in front of the telly. Put down the remote control, get your bum off the sofa and prepare to re-boot your social life.


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