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What Can You Learn From a Mother of Seven?

What Can You Learn From a Mother of Seven?
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Meet Stacey Meservy mother of seven and writer at and

No that was not a typo. Stacey really has seven kids, all from the same lovely dad who’s she’s been happily married to for 16 years.

If that makes your head spin, you’re not alone. The thought of seven blows our minds!

Stacey’s blog is all about ‘mayhem management’. It’s packed full of insanely helpful strategies for managing all aspects of family life. She also has self-care tips. If a mother of seven can find time to take care of herself, we all can – right?

We knew we had to talk to Stacey and uncover her secrets for running the show with her sanity intact. There must be plenty of parenting skills to learn from a mother of seven that we can apply to our own (smaller) families.[more]

6 Strategies For Handling Festive Family Friction

6 Strategies For Handling Festive Family Friction
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Are you dealing with a difficult relative over the festive season? Someone who winds you up, drains your energy or is about as unpleasant as a root canal?

Maybe it’s a meddling mother in law or an opinionated uncle. Perhaps it’s a sulky sister or a bratty nephew.

Family get-togethers are part and parcel of Christmas, so you need to go in with a game plan.

*Note: If your family gatherings are a picture of perfect harmony – do the decent thing and forward this on to someone who needs it.

Here are our 6 strategies for dealing with those tricky family members.[more]

How Bingo Will Revive Your Sex Life After Kids

How Bingo Will Revive Your Sex Life After Kids
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Too knackered to get naked? Too drained to get down? Can’t remember when you last jumped his bones? Cobwebs forming in your nether regions?

Scheduled Bingo will help you out of this dry patch.

(Come on ladies, figure it out. Code name Bingo for any kids peering over your shoulder.)

Ah! Now I know what you’re talking about! But scheduled bingo? Are you kidding me? How unromantic is that!

We know, we know. Hear us out.

It doesn’t sound sexy, but neither does drifting apart. You’ve got to make time to play bingo.

It’s tough when kids and responsibilities take up big chunks of your time and energy, but this is the fuel in your relationship. Finding a time when you’re both energised, relaxed and up for it is about as likely as finding a naked Ryan Gosling under your sheets.

If you and your partner are out of synch, a bingo schedule will help get you back on track.


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