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Summer Planning for Parents and Kids

I used to begin each summer with a fresh sense of optimism. But it wouldn’t take long for the novelty to wear off. I soon grew tired of feeling like the chief entertainer / housekeeper / cook and negotiator. My kids began to tune out my nagging voice, especially my half-hearted attempts to get them off…

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3 Steps To Your Best Summer Yet!

summer school holidays

Long summer breaks can be a bag of mixed emotions. On the one hand there’s sweet freedom from early morning starts, rushing and routines. Eating breakfast in your PJs, lunch and dinner whenever anyone’s hungry. No homework hassles or chauffeuring to after-school clubs and activities. On the flip-side, you’re on full-time mama duty. Your normal daily schedule’s thrown totally…

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How to Design Your Weekend

One day I was scrolling social media and came across this:  Hang on. Why should being a mother mean that your weekends feel just like any other day of the week? Yes, the early stages of motherhood can be a sleep-deprived, relentless monotony of doing the same things day in, day out with it all…

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5 Ways To Manifest More Money

How’s the Money area on your Project Me Life Wheel right now? When the money isn’t flowing well, there’s a danger of it leaching into other areas of your life too. Money is a very emotionally charged subject and your relationship with money determines how well it flows. Once you get into a mindset of ‘lacking’…

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How to Inject More Fun Into Your Life

How’s the Fun area on your Project Me Life Wheel looking these days?  Maybe you’re feeling stuck in a rut and your fun-o-meter is registering ‘bored’, or you simply don’t have time to focus on fun. In the wake of everything else that needs doing, it’s easy to neglect this important area of your life. And…

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Project Me Madrid Book Event

It was wonderful to be back in Madrid to do a book signing and workshop for the English speaking mamas living there. My family and I happily lived in Madrid from 2010 – 2016 and it was there that the idea for a Project Me book was born! This website was launched in 2013, followed…

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Help Project Me Choose A Charity

When Project Me launched in 2013 I envisioned a bigger picture of ‘Mothers Helping Mothers’ with a portion of all profits going to assist vulnerable women in some shape or form. Let’s face it, ours are very much ‘first world problems’. Overwhelm, never-ending to-do lists, meal planning, food shopping, chauffeuring kids everywhere, homework and bedtime…

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Why You Need Mama Me Time

Many mothers suffer from guilt, especially when it comes to doing something for themselves. They’ll organise everything they think their child needs – buying them more things, chauffeuring them from one activity to another – yet they’d never consider spending that kind of time or money on themselves. Eventually this kind of self-sacrifice leads to…

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The Secret to Having a Special Mother’s Day

Would you like to feel extra special on Mother’s Day instead of it being the same as any other day? Wish your family would make some kind of effort towards making you feel loved and appreciated? Since I became a mother 18 years ago I’ve had a few bummer Mother’s Days – especially when we were living…

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